PPV Predictions THIS WEEKEND (or lack thereof!)


This will come as no surprise as Pete has not reviewed anything WWE since the SmackDown before the Royal Rumble but we thought we’d make it official.

There has been discussions on where the reviews will go from here, as anyone who reads the reviews know Pete is extremely ill and spent the last half of 2015 in hospital with stomach problems. There are many reasons we won’t go into why the reviews haven’t been happening but we’re going to start afresh after Fastlane with some help from Anna.

Note that she will NOT be taking over.

So I have asked Anna if she’d fill the void of the PPV weekend with predictions of the Pro Wrestling Pride “Dream of Glory” event. She doesn’t think there is a point to it so get bugging her to do that! Not only would it be a bit of fun and fill that gap up nicely but it seems that Pete, James and my OH all want the extra blog anyway so she might as well yeah?

If you don’t know anything about their predictions you just need to know this. Anna tends to get them right, Pete tends to second guess himself and get them wrong. I personally would be interested in seeing them come up with something, though past collaborations between the two have….. had mixed reviews? Either way Anna is good at predictions and I’m sure if she gets a certain amount right I can find the perfect prize for her!

(If nothing else will work bribing her will. I found something you’ll really want if you get lets say 90% of them right!)

So go tweet her to forget about anime for two minutes (@Awerka) and if she does do the blogs they will be out Friday/Saturday.

One final thing seeing I mentioned Anime. There will be a push over the weekend to catch up with all the series our reviewers highlighted. Just keep a eye out for any news on that via Anna’s twitter as Luc doesn’t really use his. It’ll be happening Friday I guess as Anna has the day off and will spend it doing hers then getting together to finish Lucs in the evening.

So get bugging!


4 thoughts on “PPV Predictions THIS WEEKEND (or lack thereof!)”

    1. Go suck a duck. You all deserve to die for being cruel to me.

      I don’t care about the greater good though I am interested in what my prize will be if I do it….

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