365 Challenge : The Clock

Well another day that we said we’d do stuff and the time just got away from us. To the point that earlier on I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock just to find out that it was actually 7pm and I’d done the one thing that I’d been laughing at Anna and Lucius for doing all day, which is getting distracted from doing what I said I would do.

In fact today since I got home from work time has just completely disappeared from me and I nearly went to bed without writing this post!

I think Anna wrote about losing time once but it is pretty sad when it happens because the things you hate the most always seem like it takes the whole of your life to do whilst when you are chilling moments fly by like nothing. I once experimented with clock watching. People say time goes slower if you clock watch but it doesn’t always work, my OH puts timers on when he’s doing things so that he doesn’t lose time and its something I thought weird until I read Anna’s post on losing time and realised that a lot of things that I do makes time just disappear.

Sometimes I wish humanity hadn’t invented time. I kind of hate it.


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