365 Challenge : Cupid’s Arrow

According to the shops, this one time a year,
I get to tell you just how I feel.
With overpriced goodies,
You are sure to get the deal.

Everything you do should lead up to this day,
When I can tell you just what I need to say.

I am not cleaning the dishes any more. Get off your ass and do it yourself. Also get a hair cut.


2 thoughts on “365 Challenge : Cupid’s Arrow”

  1. I’m impressed!


    Try as I might I just couldn’t stop the flow of your families blood,
    Like a mighty bear you charged into the fight,
    Sadly too late did you come.

    Your House was left Lordless, your sister in danger,
    There was nothing I could do to stop it.
    All the rewnding I tried, the cheating and lies,
    Couldn’t save your siblings fates.

    When the story comes back,
    And I try once more,
    To stop all this shit from happening,
    I promise you Asher I won’t leave you in a ditch again,
    Lets kill those buggers together….

    (Other then Ramsay who I love more then you so…. LEAVE RAMSAY BOLTON ALONE!)

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