HaruChika : Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Surur : Elephant’s Breath

Episode 5

“Erefantsu Buresu” (エレファンツ・ブレス)

I know I have loads of episodes of everything to catch up with! To be honest I completely forgot about episode 5 of this!

What is Elephant’s Breath then?

We are introduced to a junior student who is planning on joining the school next term called Goto. Her grandfather “abandoned” her grandmother when he grandmother was pregnant. For some reason she’s all up in arms about how her grandfather (or That Guy) hasn’t apologised, in fact he doesn’t remember anything about what happened to him.

Elephant’s Breath is a colour that if you google it comes up with a grey-ish colour but apparently she couldn’t do that herself so seeked out Haruta for help.

It was a bit of a head scratcher all round. The story was dumb and didn’t give any respect to sufferers of PTSD at all.

The girl was ridiculous, she’s a JUNIOR student and yet she thinks two adults should tell her everything? She’s obviously just as much as a brat as Haruta. For me the fact that the grandmother obviously wasn’t upset was enough to prove to me that she either didn’t care or already knew. I hate that attitude of “if I don’t see it right before my eyes then it never happened” and wished the grandmother had spoken up. Which, in the end, meant I didn’t like the grandmother much as it was very obvious he HAD told her what had happened (which I’ll get to in a moment) yet allowed Goto to carry on anyway. There is not telling her things she doesn’t need to know and then there is letting her act like a brat.

Still I kind of liked her too.

Haruta was OK-ish and showed a moment of humanity! When he figured out that Goto’s grandfather had obviously been drafted to fight in the Vietnam war and his photos were of being close to a Elephant and trying to find somewhere safe to stay at night he was still going to march right up to the man and demand he admit that he had PTSD. Thankfully he didn’t when he realised that the grandmother knew.

Seriously the majority of these kids are just spoilt ass holes who need to be slapped back a few pegs.

The sad thing was that I was a guitarist at school and as such I used to hang with our school band. I don’t want to say that they were all posh ass holes that needed to be knocked down a peg or two but they bloody well were.

Maybe that is why I like and hate this anime so much. They remind me of some of the worst people I ever met yet at the same time the stories themselves are usually pretty interesting (until Haruta starts on his one man crusade to be a bitch to literally everyone) and Chika is lovely.

I felt like the teacher wasn’t stern enough with the kids. He was when telling them NOT to investigate further but when he found out they did and even heard that Haruta went to the hospital with the intent on making a PTSD patient who is dying confess his “sin” to his granddaugther you’d think he’d be a little more pissed at them ignoring him. I personally would have liked to hear him tell them that this was the exact reason he shouldn’t have investigated further, because he’d just upset a very poorly old man who has led a really stressful life.

Of course that wasn’t touched on because the mystery was solved and who cares if actually the confrontation with Haruta could do all sorts of negative things to his mental and physical well being? Haruta managed to figure it out, hurrah for Haruta.

I will not be happy till one person gets fed up of him thinking that he’s better then everyone else and punches the little idiot in the face.

I’m sorry…. No I’m not actually. He is a ass hole.


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