Wrestling Review Showdown!!!

It has come to my attention that there is a voice of dissent in our readership over who is the better wrestling reviewer.

So we thought to take it to a vote!

Note : We aren’t planning on going anywhere with these results, after all we’re all friends here so its not like we’re going to fire Pete even though he’s three weeks late with wrestling posts!

Soooo who will it be?

Do you prefer the loud and brash Detroit boy Petonyo?

Or the fan girl Super (apparently Halloween) Banana of Plymouth Anna?

Does the overly opinionated ramblings of a mad man make you happy? Or do you prefer the laid back and happy style of our resident grump?

Someone will get a prize, the other will just be even more bitter and miserable then usual. Pick fast!

Plus of course we’d love to hear WHY you prefer who you pick! So either leave us a message below or tweet/Facebook/Tumblr your reasons to us. We’d love to hear!

Maybe this will get Pete’s butt into gear to get back up to date!


4 thoughts on “Wrestling Review Showdown!!!”

  1. Thank you everyone for voting so far! The poll runs for 7 days so will let you know what the results are!

    We hope some of you let us know WHY you are voting for the Super Banana or Petonyo! Even if it is underhand Facebook tactics!

    Plus for those coming who DON’T know their writing styles….

    Pete’s last SmackDown review : https://believeingeek.com/2016/01/23/smackdown-12116-review/

    Anna’s last Pro Wrestling Pride review : https://believeingeek.com/2016/02/09/pride-promotions-the-real-rock-n-rollas/

    Plus for those spreading this on Facebook THANK YOU! It might not be getting many votes right now but it sure as hell is getting a lot of attention!

  2. Who did I vote for?

    Unfortunately I had to go with the Super Banana too! You could possibly tell just how I wrote about the two of them that I find Anna’s way of reviewing ANYTHING to be fun. In fact it was her F1 reviews that made me decide to do it myself!

    (101 Reasons why the Senneiro rocks still being one of the greatest things you’ve ever written!)

  3. I voted for Anna, which isn’t surprising seeing I’m the one I guess that started this off.

    She just sounds like she enjoys watching wrestling and even though other people don’t see past the jokes and stuff she’s actually got a lot of good points. You can see how much she likes it, even more so when trying to hide how much she likes it.

  4. Even though she’s probably cheating I’m still going with Anna as I know she puts a lot of work into the local company reviews. Plus even if they are a few days after the event due to work and the rest she always gets them up unlike Pete.

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