Assassination Classroom : Before & After

Episode 6

“Bifō Afutā no jikan” (ビフォーアフターの時間)

Something a little different is in store for Class 3-E this week as they learn a very important lesson.

After taking a shortcut over the rooftops using their new found skills Class 3-E they end up landing on top of a principal for a local day care centre and putting him out of action.

Angered not only at the risky and dangerous activities but by his class losing perspective of what their abilities could do, Koro-Sensei refuses to let them revise for the mid-terms instead sending them to work in the day care for two weeks.

They put their skills to good use, sprucing the centre up and helping the kids, but its all about the real lesson they learnt.

You see it all the time, their skills are transferable in so many ways. Even though you see it inadvertently it never really is touched on by the show itself. The only one that really does tend to be brought up is their planning skills. Seeing them use what they’ve learnt not to assassinate people or save people but to help the local community is lovely and shows that beyond this assassination and school Koro-Sensei has really made them well rounded people who will be ready for any job in the future.

I would have liked to see more of them interacting with the kids themselves but I guess you can’t have it all ways and it tended to lean more towards Nagisa and the kid that refused to go to Primary School because she was being bullied which I guess was inevitable.

Still I love that Koro-Sensei isn’t just a fake.

This whole practise was because he kind of believes in his whole class, he keeps installing all this import stuff into them about being better people and then doing his “they’ll never beat me” crap but you have to think deep down he wants them to succeed. He’s doing such a good job of turning them from the “losers” of a corrupt and evil education model to the winners of the group. Each one of them has grown so much with him there that its sad that it has to end with him dying.

Of course this lesson came at the expense of their mid-terms, Karma being the only guy to keep the high standards up and coming second in the year.

Sometimes you feel like you want them to scream at the Class A guys, I mean surely it can’t be against the rules for them to be helping out at the day care centre? What kind of school WOULDN’T see that as a good thing, even with a class like 3-E. “Our nobodies help the community” is a great headline for the school (obviously not as blunt as all that) so it made my blood boil that Nagisa and the rest couldn’t turn around and say actually we were busy in the real world.

Still Karma got the last laugh and this all that matters.

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