Things I never knew I needed : Misfits

When it first came on I kind of wanted to watch Misfits but never bothered. I never thought about it after that, I don’t watch enough TV to see adverts and go OMG I NEED TO CATCH UP WITH THAT and no one I knew watched it so it didn’t really fly past my radar again.

With 4OD coming to the PS4 I was just randomly browsing through the box sets one day when it flashed by. Of course my obsession with Iwan Rheon as both Ramsay Bolton and Ash from Vicious meant that I didn’t just keep scrolling any more. Its one of those things that if you’d really described it to me I never would have thought I’d want to see it but now I don’t know how I lived without it.

For those, like me, who missed out on the series its about five young people who are serving out community service together. They are the oddest bunch of characters you could ever group together before you even get to the crazy stuff. From a shy introvert to a chav and a Olympic hopeful who got caught with drugs. Each character is different with a past to explain who they are. They aren’t just one dimensional “outcasts” but real people.

What makes it so special?

After a strange storm certain people end up with super powers, including these lot. To save their lives they end up killing their probation officer and spends the whole first series trying to hide the crime and understand what happened to them. They come across others with powers too and end up in some of the strangest situations you could think of.

Now it doesn’t sound particularly interesting, or at least to be honest I didn’t think it sounded interesting. Why I wanted to see it after the trailers was purely because it looked funny, but I wasn’t expecting much from it.

Instead it felt like one of the only things I’ve ever seen that didn’t make having a special power seem all that great. Their powers seem to be linked to them. A guy who feels invisible can turn invisible, someone who looks for affection through sex has the ability to make anyone who touches her have sex and someone who is obsessed with wanting to rewind time to save his career is able to rewind time. It isn’t like the normal very helpful super powers given to the chosen few, hell of a lot of people got changed and some of the powers are down right stupid, like Nathan’s mums boyfriend turning mentally into a dog whenever he see’s a Jack Russell.

Not only that but the whole season goes by without one of them truly understanding their power. Yeah it looks like Simon might have mastered his a tiny bit but he’s about the only one.

They are just people, people who had their life go wrong and then got given strange powers. People in really strange positions having to survive. Outsiders who are thrown together and manage to create a bond even if they are still dicks to each other.

I love superheroes for the same reason every one else does but Misfits gives you real people and the belief that it don’t take a super power to be super.

Currently I’ve finished series 1 and I’m onto series 2.

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