PWA : The Elite vs Grayson Reeves / Max Alexander

Plymouth Wrestling Association has uploaded the tag team match from November Nightmare on their YouTube channel and given us permission to post it for you all to see here. So here it is!

As anyone who reads my reviews know I love The Elite as a tag team so it was lovely to get to relive the match. For basically the few people who talk to me on my reviews who might wonder why I like them this is why. Its a good match.

It shall also be posted into the PWA:UK hub page which you can get to via the main menu bar at the top (just click PWA:UK instead of sliding over to the reviews.)

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This was actually what I had to say about the match way back when :

A great opening match, everyone knows I love my tag teams and these two were pretty great.

Jason King is one of the most hilarious guys I’ve ever seen (I will also be saying this later on about PJ Jones) and his squeaky little voice punctuated the match perfectly every three to four seconds. His reactions to everything were hilarious and his constant claim of having “got this” sounded more like he was trying to convince himself then us.

Alexander and Reeves took the early part of the match with some really fast team work and a lot of good tags keeping Mark Walsh cornered, it took some dirty double teaming from Walsh and King to get the momentum to swing but when it did it stayed with them two.

I really felt the star power of the match came from Mark, no matter what he was doing you felt drawn to him. It was very easy to support The Elite who had bags of charisma. That isn’t to say Alexander and Reeves were terrible but you just got drawn in by Walsh and King was so funny that you just never felt like Alexander and Reeves would win, if they did you’d have felt slightly underwhelmed, which is strange because the early part of the match and their work as a team was something to be seen.

Perfect way to start off the night though.

Thank you for PWA for uploading and sharing! Of course Jason King and Mark Walsh were our January Tag Team of the month, they won’t be for February on the basis that I won’t see them wrestle which makes me extremely sad! You can check out what I had to say about them at the Wrestling Hub which you can get to either through the top menu or the sidebar button.

PWA are back next month, already paid for my tickets and will be bringing you my review as soon as physically possible after the event. The Elite are scheduled to be in a tag team match (and I am pretty sure its unhealthy to be so excited over the prospect of Eddie Ryan vs Krieger….. If that changes or has changed or just doesn’t happen I might cry.)

It feels like a lifetime since I saw PWA so it was a nice reminder why we’re so lucky down here in the West-Country right now! Or at least half the reason (I have to be fair I am in love with two companies!)


One thought on “PWA : The Elite vs Grayson Reeves / Max Alexander”

  1. I keep forgetting that you won’t be going to PWA this month. I guess that is what you get when you get two PWPs instead!

    A great match, great to put action to faces as it is. I see what you mean about Mark Walsh, man you can see the talent in him in everything he does. Impressive! What are the tag team champions like? Do you think these two will get a shot at them soon?

    Have you said somewhere about Eddie Ryan vs Krieger? Because I’m pretty sure I’ve heard you mention it but not in relation to their next show unless you said it on Tumblr and I read it there. I guess if that match is changed or disappears then there won’t be ANY blogs from you for a while as you serve time for causing a one man riot? Who do you actually want to win in that one?!

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