Myriad Colors Phantom World : Kurumi and the Teddy Bear Kingdom

Episode 6

“Kurumi to Nuigurumi Ōkoku” (久瑠美とぬいぐるみ王国)

The title has basically told you everything you need to know. Haruhiko and Kurumi end up in Teddy Bear Kingdom.

No this isn’t a joke there are talking teddy bears everywhere and Kurumi is a princess and Albrecht is a knight and it doesn’t get much weirder then that.

Its actually a lovely way to introduce such a young character to the show, we get to see her personality and how she battles her shyness as well as just being overloaded with cuteness.

I don’t know what to say other then it was a very different episode. Even going back to the fake family this was just something completely different. It was like Phantom World meets the Gummy Bears.

Loved the episode though but it was just.

How am I meant to describe it?

It was cute. It was actually pretty full of action and extremely funny. It had a lot of character development and played to the strengths of the characters involved. It showed off Kurumi’s strength as a individual even though she’s so young and made her a part of the group in a heart beat. It made this grown man wish I had a teddy bear that loved me as much as Albrecht loves Kurumi.


You just have to kind of watch the episode to understand what I mean. There are only so many words to describe the craziness of what happened before my eyes.

We were in a freakin’ kingdom of bears!


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