365 Challenge : Whoa!

Something surreal that happened in my life?

This is going to be a weak answer but nothing surreal has happened in my life. Or at least I’m way too boring to notice it.

In fact its the one thing I’m kind of jealous of the others about. They all have some strange stories to tell, the things I’ve had to hear about on Skype! When we were talking about work one week they all had strange stories about customers, drunks and being shot whilst I had nothing. Again I either lead a sheltered life, am very lucky or else completely oblivious to the world around me.

I’m a bit sad now. I wish something surreal would happen to me. I’m not sure I want other people to tell me if they’ve had surreal experiences because I’ll feel I’m missing out more!

What a boring life I lead. If there is one thing this challenge has taught me its that I’m the most normal, boring and lifeless person I know!


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