Assassination Classroom : Leader Time

Episode 5

“Rīdā no Jikan” (リーダーの時間)

Its time once again for Class 3-E to integrate themselves with the rest of the school in another attempt at the top class embarrassing them.

We all know how this goes by now.

After Isogai is caught having a part time job which apparently is against the rules of the school class 3-E finds their class president in trouble unless they can beat Class A in a pole-toppling event.

It was a true test of Isogai’s leadership skills as Class A ram the ranks of their team with exchange students.

True to fashion it was the underdogs showing that the training they’ve been given to be assassins can spill out into anything. The determination they’ve been given through this task has made them unbeatable in so many different ways. It was great seeing them play Class A to their tune.

I can’t see the assassination going off in any other way but a team effort if I’m honest and Isogai is a great leader. The way he was able to out think every move that Class A could possibly throw at them was amazing and they played to every single class members strength. It was great fun watching them outwit everyone.

Also its just nice to see them being able to use the skills that they’ve been given to come up with a plan and use it in any given situation.

I honestly think its the most bullshit thing in the world that they can’t attend the school and have a part time job and its actually quite sad that Isogai is only in 3-E because he was caught one time before. Knowing that he’s poor you’d think that it would be a great thing for the school to have a kid that is working to pay his way through life whilst excelling at a top school. Even if he isn’t in A Class doing well is enough. I like that we get to see all the good things that Isogai can do and it really is a shame that he gets treated like crap because he’s poor.

Plus the principal is one scary guy when he wants to be.

I think he’s taken all he can with his son letting him down so it’ll be interesting to see how he takes this loss. Not that he see’s it as his loss but as his sons.

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