365 Challenge : Teachable Moment

I love to hear what to do then try it out myself. Watching someone do something or hearing them tell me what to do I find to be easier then reading it but it doesn’t click with me until I do it myself.

I like someone to explain or show me then leave me to do it. When they explain it or show me it I can ask questions, something you can’t do when reading about it, but afterwards I don’t like having someone breath down my neck as I explore to do it myself. The fear of having someone constantly tell you that you are wrong is probably the thing that makes me that way. It goes back to school time when you’d have something explained or had to read it and have someone constantly there not to help but to constantly tell you that you were doing it wrong.

That doesn’t mean I actually learn that way. I’m a terribly slow learner and nothing actually HELPS me learn. I just have to keep cramming the same things into my head every day. Though I guess doing it does generally help.


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