Pride Promotions : The Real Rock N Rollas

I am starting this review off just as I get home after going to the event, I don’t know when it’ll be finished and you’ll be sat here reading it because I need to be up early to go to work and it takes me forever to write it. Why I’m saying this is because I tried to go and have a shower before bed but was way too excited so even if I’m half dead at work tomorrow I need to sit here and write a little bit about the night.

Pro Wrestling Pride returned to Plymouth once more for a sell out show. They absolutely deserved to have a sell out show as well.

House of Bones vs Chris Andrews / Adam da Silva / Darren Saviour

Have I mentioned that I have fallen in love with the very cheerful Lomax? Dude is the life and soul of House of Bones. There was no grand speech telling us what we SHOULD be doing from the UK Dominator so Lomax and his cheerful attempts at killing people made the match from their side. The more he is destroying people the happier he is.

Team of Andrews, da Silva and Saviour had no chance really. They started off strong just to end up being dominated by House of Bones. Really enjoyed the match, it was a lot of fun and a good opener for the night. I do like seeing the bad guys be bad guys though. I know I’m such a cliche and love a bad boy but House of Bones just do it so well. At one point I thought they might have killed Darren Saviour, OK maybe not killed him but he looked a little dead. Plus the longer the match went in their favour the more cheerful Lomax was. Win-win for me.

When Andrews got in nearer the end I have to admit to enjoying watching him throw people around. I’m a sucker for that moment when two guys back up into each other and realise they’ve just backed up into the guy they are fighting, Andrews vs Lomax is a match I really wanna see. Mainly because I want to see if Andrews could throw Lomax in any way shape or form. Not many people can match the brute strength and power of Lomax but you have to think in a one-on-supposedly one match it wouldn’t go all Lomax’s way, after all Andrews is the Devon Powerhouse. After that it was kind of over in a flash.

Loved the match though, I’m not allowed to pick 6-man tag matches as my favourite but if I was allowed to this would have been the match of the night.

Plus, seeing I made such a fuss last time out, have to say I was so impressed with how Vixen was used at ring side. Maybe the wrong way to say it, I was impressed by Vixen full stop. I moaned about her usage and this time out she actually was part of the team for all intents and purposes. Whereas the last two times she’s kind of just been there and then used for the jokey kiss at the end this time her presence was constantly felt at ring side and it felt like the other team were outnumbered. Her back and forth with Darren Saviour was a highlight of the night, him trying to move her back away from him using his foot and then her stopping him from breaking up the three count by grabbing hold of him (plus the exchange afterwards) were all brilliant. It made House of Bones seem more of a threat and brought her into the match in a much more useful manner.

OK I admit it I’m talking a load of nonsense but I really like Vixen and I love House of Bones and kind of just wanted THIS all along. The three guys as well as being quite funny at times are bad ass, she looked the part but kind of failed to make a impression. This time out she was more bad ass then the guys. I just loved it. I’m so happy I’m even able to write that. I’ll stop moaning now.

Also House of Bones and Chris Andrews probably have the best music out of everyone.

Keizer vs Rockstar Spud

Do you think that Keizer knows the world is ending next week? He didn’t seem his normal depressing self at all. I mean he was still pretty miserable, he still doesn’t actually know how to dress himself, and he still needs to pull his trousers up a little but there was something missing which made me sad because I genuinely am always happy to see Keizer.

I found the match a little dull if I’m honest. I mean fair enough that could be because there was a lot of action outside the ring being a No DQ match but even in the ring it didn’t do much for me. I don’t even know what it is, sitting here only hours after watching it and I don’t remember much that really happened. I do remember it took people forever to move a table to ring side, put the table down and announce no tables were being used for it to then be brought into the ring moments later.

I guess the whatever was missing from Keizers pre-match droning on about the world ending was also missing from his match. I wouldn’t say he was the greatest wrestler I’ve ever seen but as I said above I actually love watching Keizer but he just kind of lost his sparkle. Or… Not really a sparkle more like a grimy texture that looks like sparkles.

Then again I’m also not a fan of Rockstar Spud, not because I dislike him just because I’ve hardly seen him wrestle. I stopped watching TNA before he came into it and never really got back into it.

Just a very forgettable affair. The No DQ stuff was wasted on the match and the match itself was wasted on the No DQ stuff. I haven’t seen Keizer since he was gored back in December by Rhino so was really looking forward to the match and came away a little disappointed.

Scotty Essex vs Tajiri vs Ultimo Tiger (c)

How do I feel?

Very sad that Tiger lost the Catch Division trophy.

Pretty happy that Scotty is champion.

Its horrible when you support two guys going at it for a championship. I think the sadness wins out over the happy feelings because Tiger is just a wonderful champion. Plus he is the Thundercat, there is much love for him in my family and we all left very sad that he’d lost. He’ll bounce back though and it won’t be long before he climbs back to the top and wins back his trophy.

As I’m not allowed 6-man tag matches as my favourite THIS match is officially the match of the night even though what I say next might sound odd with that in mind.

I have tried to think of a way to describe how I felt about the match, which I want to emphasis was bloody brilliant, and the only way I could was to describe it as such. It was like a book of short stories. Even though it was all one book it felt like there was a obvious end to THIS story or THAT story and a start to the next. As such it felt kind of off. I guess the reason for it was because they did have Tajiri in the match too and you obviously want to give Tiger and Essex time in the ring against someone like him but it just didn’t flow neatly. Tiger never felt like he really got going and after saying I doubt that Essex would ever not surprise me to be honest he was kind of tame himself.

Somehow it worked though and I guess it worked because of the guys in the match. Scotty’s personality takes over the room when he walks out, he played the part perfectly to start off with giving Tiger and Tajiri the ring and deciding to sit it out, it went on a little too long when you realised that Tiger and Tajiri weren’t going to start till he got in the ring but he built up a instant wordless interaction with Tajiri that was just fun to watch all match long. You knew from the moment Tajiri chucked a towel or whatever it was at Scotty that he was gonna get a face full of green mist at some point. I said Tiger didn’t really get started and I stand by that, what he did in the ring was great but you got the feeling very early on that it was Essex’s night. Tajiri was everything you’d expect and was fascinating to watch up close.

It was sad. I cheered then realised that Tiger wasn’t champion any more and hoped that someone was going to give him a hug at some point because it was sad. The match managed to be both disjointed but extremely bloody brilliant. Scotty as champ is interesting and I can’t wait to see Tiger come back from two big defeats. He’s still a champion to me.


I got in the damn ring and got my photo taken with Tiger, Andrews and Spud. OK so the longer story of that is that my friend was gonna go in and get her photo on her own then me and Christy were going to go in together as Christy doesn’t like doing things like this on her own, unfortunately Ros had a fanny attack just as she was paying and we had to do it together hence me looking like I just don’t belong in the photo.

It took me about 5 minutes to draw the terrible chibi Tiger and colour him. Christy had attempted to make two banners for Tiger leading up to today and one got ruined the other wasn’t going to dry in time so I drew the chibi Tiger and Go Tiger Go and her mum put glue everywhere and let her throw glitter on it.

I also forgot to go and get my tickets to Newton Abbot sorted out because I’m a idiot.

Cy Gregory vs Eddie Ryan

Eddie Ryan got beat up and I was sad. He did end up winning but he did get beat up a lot.

Before I talk about the match (oh and note to Pete : no cape just a Plymouth Argyle shirt not that you know what that is!) I am so happy that the people behind me ALSO thought that Cy Gregory looked a bit like Triple H. Actually to be honest I was looking at him thinking who does he remind me of before the guy started to say it.

There was a lot of beating up Eddie Ryan and focusing on his knee. I’ve said it before that Ryan has one mean kick on him so it was the smartest part of his body to focus on. Gregory is a monster, in a good way, and I’m not actually sure how Ryan won. Honestly all I remember of the match was him being beaten up, there was a lot of playing to the fact that Eddie is from Plymouth and it was rather sad that Gregory had him in the ropes over on our side of the ring shouting at him to scream. My niece was very kind and gave me a hug and told me not to cry because she’s sure the Lion will beat him in the end, she was chuffed to pieces when he DID win and told me I was silly for not believing in him. Just so you know I wasn’t crying or about to cry. Just thought I’d make that clear. I was extremely disappointed in myself for not having faith in him to get the win. I’m sorry Eddie. It won’t happen again.

It was a good match, only being beaten by that pesky Catch Division match. I really liked Gregory even if he was beating up my favourite. You can tell it was a good match by the fact that it felt like it was over a good 5 minutes too soon. I always feel like I’ve made things up in my head when watching Eddie Ryan but I’m pretty confident in saying he fly outta the ring at one point, something I honestly never thought I’d see him do so pretty sure I probably dreamt it up again. Recently, as in the last three shows I’ve seen him in, I’ve felt like every time I see him wrestle he’s doing something completely different from the time before. Honestly its like watching a different person in the ring each time. That might not make sense, this is the person that pretty much admits to possibly day dreaming up extra parts of his matches between the time it takes me to write something down and seeing it, but really every time he seems to just be a different person in the ring. Regardless of whether I’m talking out my backside or not I like it. Which seeing I’ve probably made it up is OK.

Billy Gunn vs Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths (c)

Before the match started we got to hear from Billy Gunn which was one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Loved him talking about Grizzly looking like he’d eat people, I say that all the time! He does look like he’s going to eat people.

Match was alright. A little slow I guess. Other then the fact that Billy Gunn was in the match it didn’t feel like a main event. It was great seeing Gunn in action, I love tag team wrestling as I’ve said before its my favourite division and the New Age Outlaws were one of the reasons I loved it so much. Personally though it didn’t have much magic to it. Grizzly was great and so was Gunn but it lacked a bit of chemistry. Especially coming off of two matches that were really good it felt just OK. Not that its a bad thing, every time I see one of these guys shows they raise the bar so OK for them is way above average anyway.

I mean it was special because its not every day you get to see someone like Billy Gunn in action live, plus the fight spilled out of the ring and I got to see it up close and personal as it happened right next to me. A little like the triple threat though it felt a little stop/startish. Unlike the triple threat it made the match drag.

Course none of that mattered after the match ended and Saime Sahin showed up. I will be honest and say looking back at it I might have still just been upset that Saime had got injured and hadn’t been able to have his match. He’s got his match in Exeter which I now can’t wait for.

Meet and Greet

I can’t go another word without thanking the guys at the meet and greet from the bottom of my heart. Even though I was actually lurking behind my mum and my niece so didn’t actually hear or see whatever was going on, everyone bar Billy Gunn made her night! Billy Gunn tried to cheer her up but just scared her even more. I mean she was in literal tears because Billy Gunn terrified her but the second she got to Scotty in the main meet and greet line she calmed down. Scotty Essex is a angel, I did want to remind my niece that at one point she wanted to “kick him in the peanuts” because he was mean to Tiger but I thought better against it. He let her hold the trophy and was just lovely and she went from crying to happy in seconds. All the guys were great with her though as she was extremely nervous and Billy Gunn actually gave her a nightmare. She hasn’t stopped talking about Tiger and Saime and thinks Keizer is silly. She’s also determined that because I’m older then her mummy I will take her to Exeter even though her mummy said no. That would be a no.

This might actually shock some people but I actually showed bravery, remember when Amanda once said that I was a dragon slayer? I slayed dragons. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it was one of her daily challenges back on the 4th January where she used me as a example whilst talking about bravery. Its important for me to point this out because even though most people who view this particular post will be here for the wrestling I am the mental health blogger and as always I feel its important to talk about break throughs and stuff.

I guess skip this paragraph if you don’t care about it cause I’m gonna post it anyway. I think I got my mind so set on getting my photo taken with Scotty, Eddie and Tiger that nothing, not even my niece getting upset and my mum moving off down the line with her could sway me, it just motivated me more TO do it. Or maybe its just nerves wearing off because I’ve been around them at two meet and greets now. Who even knows where I found the courage to give a death glare at Billy Gunn for moaning about my t-shirt and making me point out Tiger to him, and vaguely after being way too close to Eddie Ryan I remember talking to Darren Saviour. So I apologise to Eddie Ryan who apparently attempted to talk to me but I was too busy trying not to say something stupid… Like just about anything that would have come outta my mouth after asking for a photo. I apologise to Darren Saviour because I don’t actually know what I said to him but most importantly I apologise to Keizer who talked to me and I didn’t hear him so asked him to repeat himself but before I could reply I got a shove from Roz-a-Doz. The problem is when you suffer from social anxiety your brain turns off in crowds of people or when talking to people in general so I very rarely make sense (which starts the vicious circle off again because when I DO talk to people I tend to sound like a idiot because I forget how to speak so then the PARANOIA kicks in that I’m going to sound like a idiot which makes me not want to talk to people….)

That being said because Christy gave Tiger my drawing I couldn’t even look at him, I think I just stuck my poster in his face to sign then walked off without saying a word to him or looking at him. I got my picture with Scotty and Eddie though. I fail at life in general, don’t judge me too much. Such is life. Its progress though. Next time I’ll get a photo with Tiger. I think it goes to show that you do just need to set your mind to something like this and remember that its the memory afterwards that counts. At the time its hard to remember through the pain (and I would like to point out I might be smiling but I was in a lot of pain) that the pain goes away but having your photo with someone or talking to them or whatever it is you are doing will stick with you. I already can’t remember the pain but I’ve had a stupid grin on my face all day remembering that I got the photos. Heck they are my phone backgrounds at the moment!


Final Thoughts

Still not as good as Christmas Chaos which is probably just going to be my favourite thing I’ve ever done. I mean I got to meet Rhino and that is just so cool, I have bugged people to take me to one of the shows he’s doing with them in a few weeks time but either they are working or just don’t want to.

What do you lot usually ask me at the end of reviews?

Match of the night was the triple threat, again even though after how I described it you’ll probably wonder why it was you just had to see it. Ultimo Tiger and Scotty Essex on their own are event stealers add in Tajiri and it was always gonna be a good one.

I brought three more DVDs but that was about it.

As I said above for Pete’s sake there was no Eddie Ryan in a cape to talk about so don’t bother asking.

I grew up watching both Billy Gunn and Tajiri so it was bloody awesome seeing them live then at the same time they didn’t quite have the impact on me as Rhino or the Hurricane did. I guess those two are just higher up my favourite list or whatever, then again I absolutely adore Robbie E and kinda didn’t get too excited about him in Taunton either.

And before anyone points it out yes I know that I have named nearly every single one of the regular guys that I see every time as my favourites. If you saw them wrestle you wouldn’t be surprised. If there is one thing these guys do better then the other shows I go to its interacting with the crowd. They really make you feel like you want to get involved and cheer them. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m a hard sell anyway because of my anxiety but so very often I nearly get out of my chair to cheer some of these guys on or I find myself on the verge of booing someone or some such. That kind of runs through the company in general and it feels like a real community no matter where you go to see it, which wrestlers are there or what they are doing.

Best moment of the night was Saime showing up. I said in the Taunton blog that I only really went to Undisputed to see Saime and Eddie Ryan in a tag team match (well a six-man tag team match with Tatanka) and was kind of heart broken that Saime got hurt, when they announced he wouldn’t be in Plymouth I just didn’t really care for life any more (that is hyperbolic language, my mental state has been fine since the end of January) so him showing up was the best thing ever. Who doesn’t love it when Saime shows up? Steals the show in seconds? Then gives my six year old niece a hug?

I shall be at the Exeter show, already have my tickets safely put away in my wonderful Dragon Ball Z wallet that I realise I never mentioned I actually brought…. It has nothing to do with wrestling I know I’m sorry.

As always….

Website (you can book tickets or buy DVDs from there) :
Facebook : Pride Promotions
Twitter : @ProPWP

Next event : Dream of Glory – Exeter, February 21st

They deserved the sell out crowd and more then a pat on the back for the event. All the guys involved are amazing and deserve all the praise in the world.

One last apology is that I’ve written way too much so anyone who read the WHOLE THING deserves a cookie. I’d make you one but by the time I e-mailed you it and you printed it out unless you have a 3D Printer/cooker it would taste rather papery and I don’t know any of you people so I won’t be taking cookies to feed to people just because they read all 3000 words of my ramblings. But you deserve one, so go out and make/buy yourself one. As always leave comments and stuff in the comment section below, I look forward to my usual tortured conversations with James, Pete and whoever else wants to join in making me look like a idiot this time out.

Oh and one last thing as Amanda had a great conversation with someone on Twitter last month. I AM a adult. Yes this is a funny declaration to make but someone honestly thought I was a teenager and she got bored of arguing with him. I am humbled by this but no. This year I do turn 27 so am very much a adult and not a teenager even if I act/sound/look like one. I go to the wrestling with my mum as she’s the person who brought me up watching it, plus I have no friends really. I have three down here and two of them HAVE been to wrestling with me (Ros all the time and Fiona last month) and the other (Luc) doesn’t wanna go. Plus I really don’t use @Geek__Mind very often as I have my own Twitter which we have pointed out on many parts of the blog so please if you have any questions leave them below, leave them on my author page which you can find under the about page (with links to ALL my social media places) or tweet the right person as Amanda WILL ignore them or send you in my direction. Thank you.

Oh and one actual on topic point (truly if you want a cookie and have lasted this long I will make you cookies) we now have a wrestling hub (along with our anime one) which you can find by pressing “Wrestling Hub” above in our menu bar or on the side bar. At the bottom of that page every month I get to pick my wrestler of the month (male, female, tag team) and match of the month (Pete does his own I just do it for the local companies) and not surprisingly seeing I wouldn’t shut up about how good he was Ultimo Tiger was man of the month for January after his match against Kenny Omega (that match was also match of the month.) The chance of us announcing it being changed is slim so keep a eye on it the end of each month. I’m only going to this show and the Exeter show as can’t travel to the others so already got 50% of this months choices in. Just for fun though so don’t expect world class analysis. World class sarcasm and nonsensical ramblings sure.

Now go and eat your cookie.


15 thoughts on “Pride Promotions : The Real Rock N Rollas”

  1. Love the review, you brought the humour back which I missed so much in the last few. Plus there might be a inadvertent Ghostbusters reference in there, if it was done on purpose brilliant! If not you aren’t half the geek you say you are.

    Plus I make my questions up based on what I read so you won’t be able to think ahead to stop them coming.

    You have a lot of opinions on Vixen so my question is what would you actually like to see her do? Like more in depth what you’d like.

    Who was more amazing to see Spud, Tajiri or Gunn?

    You didn’t name the wrestler of the night?

    Plus who did Scotty get the pin on and as a Tiger fan two shows in what do you make of his 2016 so far?

    Also I saw your posts on Tumblr on the night and I’m happy for you that you decided to get another photo with Eddie Ryan I know you weren’t planning on having one so its nice to see you got one anyway.

    I did read the whole review right down to the end so I think I deserve a cookie. Do we get to name the flavour?

    Read the Wrestling Hub when it came out and forgot to comment on there saying I thought it was a great idea and really liked it, seeing the other guy hasn’t reviewed RAW or SmackDown in a while would you think about reviewing them again? Not only that but you have the DVDs from past Pride shows have you thought about writing reviews on them like the other guy did with the flashback to last years Royal Rumble? I’d like to see your opinion on them. Me and my family are thinking of coming down to the West Country later in the year with seeing a Pride show in mind if that happens I don’t mind waiting till then for my cookie.

    1. You think I’d miss a chance a complete week before the supposed end of the world as predicted in Ghostbusters 2 not to mention it when talking about a gloomy little rain cloud like Keizer talking about how everything will be pointless when the world ends? Pfft my Slimer is disgusted with you.

      I like what she did in this event. She circled the ring much more so that the others couldn’t really let their guard down because when they did she was in the way. Stopping people from entering the ring, slapping them on the outside and just diverting their attention long enough is the important thing. She has the right attitude which is pretty much 90% of the job done. Then again you shouldn’t listen to what I want because I’m a idiot.

      Tajiri. I used to love Tajiri as a kid and he was just real cool. Billy Gunn was amazing but then again Tajiri was also in a match against Tiger and Essex.

      I can’t really pick one no one stood out, which isn’t a bad thing they were all great. If I had to it would be Cy Gregory who was great. He pretty much dominated his match and made it look like he beats up Eddie Ryans before breakfast every day. I loved him.

      Scotty got the pin on Tajiri, as for Tiger he’s had actually a really good start to the year even though he’s had two losses. He held his own against Omega and he didn’t get pinned to lose the trophy. Its all in the context, you learn that as a F1 fan really. Wins and losses, championships, pole positions and all that don’t make a career, yeah its nice but you look at some of the GREAT F1 drivers who had to drive next to Schumi or Senna or Prost so got overshadowed. You might look at Jenson Button or Fisichella and think meh at the stats but they stayed in F1 so long because in context they were great drivers and the people who matter and the fans SEE that from race to race. Its the same here in context of the matches Tiger grows with every match and he has the right attitude to losing, losing twice might seem like a shit start but its all about what he’s actually done and where he goes from there.

      Cookies I can make in any flavour if you come down to the West Country and come to a Pride show I’m going to then fuck yes I will make you as many cookies as your heart can dream of! I’m good at making cookies, its about the only thing I’m really good at!

      RAW/Smackdown I can’t even keep up with NXT so probably not but I’ll take a look and see. I don’t know why Pete hasn’t been doing his reviews as he’s been online and he’s made drafts of everything so yeah. Dunno. He’s even got drafts of Lucha Underground so I’m not sure what is going on.

      As for the DVDs I could but I don’t think anyone would really care about it. If people want me too then I could if not I can probably review them on Tumblr? It won’t be as long winded obviously but probably more stupid.

      Plus today is the only day this week you can ask me questions and get pretty much instant replies so get your questions coming in.

      1. I get what you say when talking about looking at the matches and what happened in context. At the end of the day though he still lost twice. If anything in history its the statistics that are remembered so its important to have them swing in your favour.

        Personally I’d prefer for you to do all the reviews but understand if you are busy with the anime reviews.

        I would love to see more of it. Its sad for me when you don’t do the main wrestling blogs as I only really started reading your blog in general to follow your wrestling blogs so there never is enough of the local ones for me if you started reviewing their DVDs it would be great! If you have to do it on Tumblr I don’t mind.

        Out of all the venues you’ve been too which one have you preferred?

        Do you go to the events with a list of things you want to do at the meet and greet or was that just this time out? I said that I sometimes read your mental health blogs and find it fascinating that you don’t talk about these events more, how badly does your anxiety effect you at the shows?

        Why was your niece so scared of Billy Gunn?

        And what was it about Lomax that made you decide to declare your love for him? And do you love him more then Eddie Ryan?

        1. Ha but now you are changing the question. Where do you find these bloody questions from? Why are there always so many?!

          Question was what did I make of his 2016 so far. and the answer isn’t as simple as he’s lost he’s had two great matches and raised himself higher then he was. Now stop asking me leading questions and tell me what it is you ACTUALLY want to know.

          Yeah mate I’ll see what I can do. I mean I do want to keep up to date with NXT I just find it hard. It ain’t just anime though I’m a gamer so even if I don’t write about gaming I tend to play a lot (specially Fall Out 4 still) and I lose a good 3 to 4 hours a day reading then need to catch up with anime…. Plus I’m working a lot at the moment thanks to holidays and shit like that, I need the overtime to pay to go to the wrestling so for example after today I’m working till Sunday so hence why I won’t be around to answer questions much after today.

          Cool well I’ll wait and see. I have a few now so I guess I could review them. I’ll keep you updated on that.

          I like Exeter the best, don’t know why I just did. Then again I’ll re-answer that question in a few weeks if you want because Christmas Chaos has been my favourite one so far so it might just be biased to the fact it was my favourite show.

          No I don’t go there with many real plans. I have memory problems so I like having photos, I think I might have said that in the last review, when I have bad days it helps to have a photo to prove that my mind is playing tricks on me and I was happy. Plus its kind of part and parcel of the whole thing. No matter how many times you go, how many photos you might get you just want to do it again.

          My anxiety doesn’t negatively effect me that much. The thing is if you don’t have anxiety then you just won’t understand. I know it sounds like I’m trying to stop the conversation but its more I don’t want to go into a long description of my anxiety on this blog. The more I do something the better I get though, its why I very VERY rarely have anxiety attacks at work. I guess its the paranoid side of it all that I struggle with.

          He was loud. As strange as it sounds she’s never met a American before and his voice was just really loud and it terrified her.

          He’s funny and cheerful and I like him. Lomax is great. I refuse to answer the other question so shut up.

          1. As the other guy I’d like to point out my wrestling reviews are absolutely perfect thanks. What is wit the pick on me stuff?

          2. Didn’t mean to change the question! I guess its something you have to see to understand?

            Well I’d be interested. I’d be interested in any wrestling review you put up.

            I just found it interesting that you don’t really write about your anxiety and these events very much seeing that you are always so fast to tell the world how badly you deal with your anxiety. It never really came to me until I was reading about the meet and greet that you don’t seem to ever really praise yourself for it so I was wondering if it just didn’t effect you when you were there.

            Was he extremely loud? Actually thinking about it I can see him being pretty loud. Did she not get a photo with him?

            I do have to get some jibes in there at some point.

            1. I guess if the concept of looking past a result is difficult….

              Ha! Now I know that I’ll never review wrestling again. Try sending me 100 questions on anime instead!

              I think I don’t praise myself for it because it sounds dumb. Yay for me for doing what every other person in the world does without even thinking. Again it’s still part of the anxiety all that.

              He was loud but you’d kind of expect him to be. She was petrified and no the worst thing anyone did was tell her to sit next to him, she screamed! I didn’t get a photo with her and anyone but she got a hug from Saime which is the most talked about event of the night still! She doesn’t know who he is but the fact that me and my mum love him means she thinks it’s the coolest thing ever.

              Maybe I should play to the stereotype. I’m sure people would appreciate it more!

              1. I could ask you a lot of questions about anime but they will probably begin and end with “I don’t understand!!!”

                I guess you are right that I just won’t understand it. Its sad though because I don’t think it sounds dumb when you are proud of yourself for doing something out of your comfort zone. Sure personally I wouldn’t have a problem approaching someone for a photo, I’d have a chat with someone regardless of who they were or why I was talking to them but it doesn’t mean I think its easy for everyone. I feel like telling you to stop being so hard on yourself isn’t the right thing to do but you really shouldn’t be so hard on yourself as you are a great person and if you have to psych yourself up to ask someone for a photo then you actually do it then bloody good on you!

                Which brings me to the question of whether you are going to be at the meet and greet in Exeter and if so are you going for a third photo with you and Eddie Ryan? If he’s at the meet and greet of course. I would like to see the year progress with a ever growing collection of photos with you and him. Mainly because I know from your Tumblr posts how much it means to you.

                How did she like Saime? I know you always talk about him like he’s a ball of sunshine so its not a wonder she liked him.

                Stereotype fangirl? That would be pretty awesome. Or maybe not depending on what kind of fan girl you decide to be.

                Did you ever figure out how Eddie Ryan won his match?

                1. You should watch some it’ll change your life.

                  Thank you! I don’t like to think people are judging me on something that’s where that all comes from but it means a lot when someone points out I’m being stupid. And I mean that. Amanda tends to do it a lot!

                  Haha no I don’t plan on getting another photo with him but that is more down to I don’t want him ever to pick up on the crazy person who has a collection of photos with him!

                  I am going to the meet and greet though!

                  She loved him but mainly because he gave her a hug and wasn’t meant to be at the show. She hasn’t seen Saime in full yet!

                  With a roll up. I think. Who knows. I have three different versions of his match in my head. I’m too far gone, just put me down now!

  2. You need a haircut!

    The OH is so happy that Scotty won! He was also very happy that you texted him the results the second you got out.

    How did Christy enjoy the show? Are you taking her to another one? You said you didn’t think she’d like the meet and greet much the poor little thing!

    OH wants to know who is at the Exeter show and how you are getting there! Plus you are my little Dragon Slayer and I’m proud of you. Maybe you deserve a cookie though I heard you gave up eating junk food!

    1. Cheers. I like my hair. Sad times.

      She loved it. She had to get used to the loud banging and she didn’t like it much when the music came on but she was pretty happy. Loved Ultimo Tiger but all the kids do and she won’t stop talking about it! Unfortunately she can only come to Pride if they come to Plymouth, being 6 and all that, though her mum is learning to drive so maybe she’ll drive us to more in the future! Probably not and I’d have to pay for her tickets.

      Given up junk food? No. Why would I do that? I stopped buying Domino Pizzas but I make up for it by going to the local fish and chip shop all the time………..

      Train. Tommy Dreamer. There are links to the event page just go bloody check.

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