365 Challenge : Childhood Revisited

There is probably a lot of things I’d like to do differently if I could revisit my childhood. For a start having a plan would be nice, I didn’t really have one when leaving school so just went with the flow and it might have been nice to have had a plan. I’ve never been overly ambitious so maybe actually deciding on something and putting my mind to it would have been nice.

I’m not a underachiever in any sense of the word but I’ve never had something to work towards to then feel proud that I’ve worked towards it. That would have probably been nice.

Maybe play more games, trying to become a gamer this close to 30 is depressing. I think I’ll live through Anna and her accomplishments. Or lack of them. But at least when she gets asked questions she usually understands what they mean.

If I had been blessed with kids then I would raise them the best I could, I’d raise them on the things that I enjoyed as a kid but I’d never force them to watch or do things that they didn’t want to do.



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