365 Challenge :Karma Chameleon

Do I believe in reincarnation?


I’d like to believe it, I’d really love to believe that there is something out there after we die. For my personality I guess its weird for me not to believe in it with some of the stuff I do believe in.

The thing is whenever it has been described to me it seems extremely unfair, maybe I believe in a form of reincarnation as I feel like we’re like a DVD. When we stop playing it just happens again and that is why we get Deja vu but to think that based on how well behaved you are on someones rules without the intricate complex human factor put in there you might be reincarnated seems like Santa Claus. Its like a bribe to lead a better life to get a present at the end of it.

I really do feel that people who do believe in it tend to be happier though. I guess it would make facing life in all its hardships so much easier. If you strive to do good you’ll get to be reincarnated, sometimes I guess humans need that kind of promise. It gets pretty depressing thinking that you might just end.

Of all of us here on BelieveinGeek.com though I’m pretty sure its Anna that would believe in reincarnation.

6 thoughts on “365 Challenge :Karma Chameleon”

    1. I said you were more likely to believe in it, after all you believe in the Horoscope and stuff like that! Aren’t you Roman Pagen too? You believe in a pantheon of Gods?

      The question is why WOULDN’T you?

      1. Look I said I find Horoscopes and star signs fascinating not that I completely 100% believed in it. I find belief in things to be a wonderful thing and yes and no I believe in a pantheon of Gods, if I was going to believe anything then a pantheon of Gods is what I’d believe in not one single God.

        I guess the reason I don’t believe it is I’m a pessimist. I don’t think this universe is ever going to be that nice. We die and get either burnt up or rot away. We probably deserve it for being shitty anyway.

  1. Well I’m pretty sure if Anna DID believe in reincarnation we’d be in bloody trouble. I know exactly what she’d want to be reincarnated as.

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