Prince of Stride : Again – Just you, Only You

Episode 5

Kadowaki was so desperate to impress everyone that he ended up getting hurt in the first match Honan had, what will happen to the Stride club now?

A good question. One which is playing on everyone’s mind.

Of course they want Kadowaki back but with his injury that isn’t going to happen in time for the next match. This leaves the freshmen on a mission to find someone and the rest of the school seem to be very against joining.

This is where the story of Kuga and what happened to the Stride club comes in and I thought it was a really well thought out story.

So let me break it down for you.

The Stride club used to be super popular but when Heath, Kuga and Hozumi were there it was mainly third years.

The third years didn’t like that Dan put Kuga, Heath and Tomoe, Yagami’s older brother, into the main team so slowly the numbers were dwindling. When a third year relator got tricked by the opposing team causing Kuga and Heath to collide and Heath to get injured the third year did his best to make out that Heath wasn’t injured and that it was their twos fault. Kuga stopped them from attacking Heath and making his injury worse but to the people who weren’t there including Hozumi, Kuga took the full blame and was kicked out of the club. Soon after everyone else joined.

As I said I think it was a great backstory because it made sense why Kuga had been acting weird, it made sense why Heath wasn’t as angry or upset as Hozumi was and made Kuga agreeing to come back a sweet win for us because to be fair, he hadn’t done anything wrong. If it had been that he had done something wrong it would be a bitter pill to swallow I think.

I don’t think it’ll all be fair sailing just because Kuga is back, Hozumi was just as upset that everyone other then him left Heath, whilst injured, to sort out the dying club and he feels extremely guilty for what happened to Kadowaki seeing that he made him join the Stride Club to keep it alive and its obvious that now Kadowaki will do anything for the club including hurting himself. I’d be disappointed if there wasn’t a little bit of grief amongst them at some point.

What I’m looking forward to though is seeing Kuga in the team. They haven’t practised with him and two of them don’t even know the guy so it’ll be interesting to see how they get on as a team. He’s meant to be a great Strider, or whatever they call them, so I can’t wait to see what he does. As much as I like Kadowaki its interesting to see if without him they really are better because I feel that is what Kadowaki is under the impression they’ll be.

Loved the episode, loved that we got to see a bit of a bond between some characters. The freshmen need to be fleshed out a little more, they tend to just be there for the action stuff and not really for the emotional stuff.

Kuga is such a interesting character though and even now I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface of him.

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