Divine Gate : Where the Wind Went

Episode 3

“Kaze no yukue” (風の行方)

We learnt about Aoto and his past as far as we’re allowed to. We’ve seen Akane’s daddy issues so this episode is all about Midori and her past.

Actually I think she’s up there with Aoto on having a terrible past, not quite as bad but I think its worse then Akane.

She had a best friend at school who ended up killing herself or someone else or whatever to find the Divine Gate after Midori started to fit in with other girls in school and she didn’t. After getting a little freaked out by the prospect of promising her friend she’d be her number one for always and ever she lost her to the Divine Gate, its why she’s obsessed with running towards it. Maybe her friend is waiting for her there.

There you have it. Why all three of them are going to be looking for the gate. They all lost someone to it that they think they’ll find if they find it I guess. Maybe not Aoto, I’m not sure why he’d want to see his psycho of a brother again.

Whilst this has all given us a deeper understanding of the main three characters the one thing it isn’t is very interesting. Maybe that is a cruel thing to say about a load of kids having hard times but other then Aoto I don’t think either of the other stories deserved whole episodes, maybe one episode with a heart-to-heart and flashbacks but I didn’t find either to really hold my interest the whole episode long.

Its the council themselves that do. Or at least Arthur and friends.

I just really want to know what the hell he’s up to, he’s starting to really remind me of Organisation XIII in Kingdom Hearts with all the shit on unlocking Kingdom Hearts and stuff. Some of his underlings are super cool like Loki and Oz and some are rather bland. I really want to know more about them but I guess half the reason they are so interesting is that they are mysterious. This obviously leads to the question of whether or not I’m ACTUALLY enjoying the series or just watching for the sake of watching it.

Now that we’ve had their backstories expanded though I kind of hope the stories get more meat to them. As I said I haven’t found them all that interesting and its one reason I’m not really keeping up with the story. It kind of all flows over the top of my head. There hasn’t been enough since episode 1 to really hook me into it all and I just found myself shrugging at the end of it and wondering why I really should be caring. Giving me a soppy story about their childhood isn’t going to make them more likeable, relateable or interesting. Having them do something will.

Every episode needs more Loki in it though.

And after saying all this I’m still amazingly enjoying it! Don’t know why but I am.

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