Divine Gate : Blue Memory

Episode 4

“Aoi kioku” (蒼い記憶)

Everyone has a back story, everyone is sad and that sadness is making them want to find the Divine Gate.

Am I missing something?

I love this anime but don’t understand it. It’ll be the Yurikuma Arashi of 2016 I feel where I love it and watch it and get really upset about things and angry at others but I have NO IDEA of the plot.

Yeah that is going to happen.

A much more interesting story I guess. Step in the right direction. I like that its obvious now that a whole load of stuff that is going on is all down to Aoto’s brother but he seems to be taking the flack for everything including a killing spree in a shopping mall called Blue Christmas.

Watching Aoto’s brother causing destruction in that killing spree turned one of the Geniuses of the Divine into a murder, Schrödinger fell in love with the person he thought was Aoto and after escaping he goes to give him a present just to find out that Aoto is not the person that he’s looking for.

The thing is Aoto’s brother is really interesting but its also confusing what the hell he’s actually up to and personally I don’t think they look anything alike so why so many people seem to be so confused over the two is beyond me.

Not only that but it seems a lot of what Aoto gets blamed for is because of his eye colour, like literally the only reason he’s blamed for this is he is a water user with blue eyes. Half the time his eyes looked green in the episode though.

I do wonder why he keeps saying everything is his fault, I mean why not point out that he has a brother who is completely crazy?

And why after his brother decided that its better if they don’t see each other again stalking Aoto?

Thinking about it I’m pretty sure that half my problem with the series is more along the lines of it building momentum. I get it. There are many mysteries we need to find out about. Stop telling me this and actually start showing me some answers. It is like every single episode has built up Aoto and his mystery with most characters who are in the position to get answers out of him backing away from him instead and saying they’ll just find out later. Why? Find out now! I don’t want to wait a week or two to find out.

I loved the pacing of the episode though and the action intertwined with the comedy pieces worked really well. I feel like the characters are starting to bond which is probably the most important thing.

It was the best episode.

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