Dickensian : Episode 15

Yesterday felt like the opening 30 minutes, or the filler 30 minutes of hour long episode so lets hope this episode manages to make up for that!

By and large it doesn’t.

I am now past caring about so much of the series that it hurts me to admit it. I still want to watch it as I am in love with the characters and the setting but there is only one story that really interests me and the rest is just character moments.

Inspector Bucket comes face to face with a new dead body and a new detective just for the case to be solved before you could blink. Of course it isn’t solved, the other police officer just beat some guy up and blamed him for it or if he is to blame for the other person dying they are pinning the blame on him for Marley but all its done is made the whole Bucket murder investigation turn into a private investigation which just left me rolling my eyes. Even Mr Venus didn’t seem impressed.

I’m also worried for Bucket.

If he carries on eating Mrs Cratchit’s pies he might just turn into one!

That is nothing compared to the circular and boring story of the Barbary’s. I was never a fan of their family or their story to begin with but we’re back to square one with Honoria blindly going after her Captain, Frances trying to do what is right for their family and all of them coming across as spoilt rich people who need to get over themselves. I’m fed up of the only person in the family that cares about the family being Frances but instead of trying to reason with people she just acts like a bitch and Honoria is too dimwitted to see life for what it is and their father has his head in the clouds.

In fact I want something nasty to erase them from Dickensian once and for all.

No Cratchit’s in this episode really other then a moment or two in the pub with Mrs Cratchit and Peter telling Tiny Tim why he’s no longer with Nell.

Mrs Gamp didn’t do much, I can’t really remember seeing anything of Fanny Biggetywitch or Silas Wegg.

Mr Bumble ruined his interview but Mrs Bumble was able to get him through in her own ways. He has to move onto the second interview stage and you can only hope that he’s going to do better. For his and Little Bumbles sake I guess.

The Havisham’s are still my favourites and the story I’m invested in but at the same time I just know that its going to end in tears and wish that it wouldn’t. I was begging Arthur to reconsider, at the end of the day Amelia might hate him but I truly want him to care for her. I know he doesn’t but I want him too and I love both of them and want them to be happy. It gets on my nerves that someone as clever as Amelia is being taken along for a ride by someone as obvious as Compeyson.

I feel like I’m going to be disappointed by whatever the end of the season is going to be. The main mystery is dead in the water unless they can drum up 5 episodes of real drama, the main stories of the main families are going around in circles and barely make me want to care anymore and there has to be at least one happy ending surely?!

Actually maybe saying I’ll be disappointed is the wrong word. I’m not sure I’ll be disappointed but I think it’ll get to the end and I’ll still feel like we’ve missed out on something.

I don’t think the episodes are getting enough time to breath, I think it is either REALLY good or else really bitty and there is no real in between. Too many characters have too many stories going on at once and three MAIN stories all hustling for attention. With only 5 episodes left of the season its hard to see where a conclusive, dramatic and satisfying ending is going to come from.

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