365 Challenge : Call me, maybe

My relationship with my phone?

I’m not going to lie that my phone is a important part of my life, they are designed to be and the moment you let them in the moment it gets harder to take them out. I said yesterday that if I want to change a habit I’m going to have to cold turkey it but I’m afraid to say my phone is too important in my day to day life to just get rid of it.

It isn’t so much that I use it a lot. Other members of this site use their phones all the time whether texting, browsing the web or playing games. Anna’s phone is probably her lifeline as she listens to her music on there, has about 100 games and takes photos with it. Luc is always texting on his. We all have different uses for them.

That is kind of why they are so important. Phone companies realised that they needed more then just being a phone to get people to buy them.

My schedule is loaded into my calendar. I use the memos to keep important notes that I’ll need to check up on later. My work mates need to be in contact with me so we text each other whenever we need too. I have a to do list set every day. I have a app that helps me keep a rough idea on the calories I take in and another that tracks how much I’m moving about each day. Whilst I might not be constantly glued to the screen if it wasn’t in my pocket I think I’d feel a bit lost, not because I wanted it but because it is so easy to store everything I need into one little phone then to have note books and all sorts on my person.

I don’t have a particularly fancy phone, or at least I don’t think I do, I have a practical phone. I take forever to text, hate mobile games and barely use any actual function the phone really is used for. For working and keeping in contact with people though its a life saver.


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