One Piece : Take Me With You

Chapter 815

The mystery of what has happened to Sanji and a little bit of the mystery of his family has been answered. Now just to figure out the next part of the plan.


Right so a few things.

First of all I felt the chapter was really all over the place. It might be a bad translation but it just kept skipping. I know Luffy can be changeable but it was just a little too much. By the time the chapter ended I was happy because too many different things were happening for no real reason. You’d go from being told a load of important stuff, to reaction, to strangeness thrown in for comedy value, to information, to storming about, to more comedy and then ended with a party whilst Franky, Robin and Brook waited to stop Kinnemon and his friend getting into Zou.

They failed as they fell asleep but obviously the point is they are samurai and I’m not sure the people of Zou will be happy to have them there when their whole country has been laid waste by Jack looking for a Samurai. In fact the little monkey that Kinnemon helped get back to the top of Zou goes running straight to warn everyone that they’ve arrived. So you know.

That is all something to worry about next week though.

I loved how much was explained.

For a start we now know that Big Mom isn’t actually doing this to get the Straw Hats to join her. She seems to be more like a Mafia boss then anything else. For a start she must have taken notice of Sanji after Luffy crossed her in Fishman Island but from the limited knowledge she has of him she managed to make the connection to a family of Assassins in a group that some think are mythical. Not only that but she then had enough contacts to get in touch with them and arrange a marriage so that her family and the Vinsmokes become joined.

Peekoms points out that Sanji will no longer be able to be a Straw Hat and obviously a Yonko is going to want to have such a big named family join her team through blood bonds, though I still think that its a bit of a middle finger to Luffy as it must be known how close the Straw Hats are so forcing one to leave would be a big F you to Luffy.

The other reasons that she’s like a Mafia boss?

Remember that no one could decline a invite to her tea parties?

Its because if you do she’d send you the head of someone with a connection to you. Seeing there was a whispered secret to Sanji I’m guessing a family member he actually cares about has been caught, or maybe a long lost love or friend that he’d forgotten about. Shit they could even have gone off and taken Zeff! Going from laid back and chilled Sanji to what he went to its obvious they’ve gotten someone he doesn’t want them to have.

Luffy uses his brains and decides that when Peekoms is better and leaves to rejoin Big Mom he’ll go with him, but only him, as more then just one person would arouse suspicion. I’m kind of hoping he relents a little and either sends Zoro instead or takes Zoro with him. No I don’t really ship the two of them together but I do think they have a stronger bond then people think. As two of the Monsters along with Luffy they are used to fighting side by side more often then not and I think even though Zoro is being rather laid back about it all and being his normal pragmatic and logical self I really honestly think he’d be the best person to go and get him back.

Then again both Zoro and Luffy are pretty well known so maybe it would be a better idea to send someone else completely.

I don’t know I just would be real sad if Zoro didn’t go too. Then again something might happen and a load more then just Luffy goes.

Law and his crew finally show up too. We learn that his crew consists of 20 rather silly members who don’t like that their captain seems to brush them off instead of bringing them closer to their ally crew. Law is obviously right that they don’t need to be friends they just need to work together but I can’t help but want to get to know their team more often.

So we still have the problem of Big Mom on one side and Kaido on the other.

We need to save Sanji.

I need Zoro to save Sanji but I’m not sure my feelings matter.

Plus I want to know why Robin of all people didn’t think to put her, Franky and Brook on shifts instead of all staying awake together to keep an eye on the front gates. It seems a bit pointless really!

Oh its good to be a One Piece fan at the moment!


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