Gaming Blogs returning next week

So yeah I’ve been completely terrible with them since just before Christmas so I’m going to get them sorted now.

First up I have a confession to make. I completely forgot to take any screencaps of Monkey Island when I was finishing the game so no of the reviews going forward will have any screencaps. I have finished Curse of Monkey Island so will write all the reviews and schedule them for the coming weeks.

Secondly I don’t actually know where one of my disks for Escape from Monkey Island is and you can’t buy it on Steam or anywhere else so unfortunately the play through of the Monkey Island series is going to be one game short, I’ll go straight from Curse to the episodic games.


I’ve decided to do Day of the Tentacle before Toonstruck and then go onto the Back to the Future episodic games.

Gaming Babble is also returning, not that it is any different to the Thursday blogs I guess.

We have stopped with Fall Out 3 as obviously I’ve got Fall Out 4 but I also took no notes for Fall Out 4 so I’m just moving onto another game to talk about and that will be Final Fantasy VIII. Again I’ve already got a few blogs up and ready for that so I should be OK up until the end of February with them.

I’ll also have some reviews of some mobile games, I have nearly the full set of Sherlock Holmes games reviewed that I just never had the time to post as well as a few other games that will just come out whenever during the week.

Of course as always if you have any suggestions, questions or games you’d think I’d be interested in just leave me a message. Hopefully I’m back in business.

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