Dickensian : Episode 14

Wicked plots are afoot, one family who thought their problems had ended have now just become worse and Bucket is targeting a child for the murder of a character long since forgotten.

Mr Bumble messes up his interview. I’m guessing he’ll still get the job seeing their workhouse isn’t in London, then again I doubt it is really going to follow anything like the tale of Oliver Twist because hadn’t he been in the workhouse from a extremely young age? Either way it doesn’t look like he got the job this time.

The Cratchit family continue to break my heart as Peter breaks off his relationship with Nell in trying to help his mum and dad to look after Tiny Tim. The iconic crutches of Tiny Tim appear for the first time this episode too meaning that he’s getting very ill very fast and that really kind of heartbreaking because Zaak Conway is so adorable and plays Tiny Tim so well that you don’t like seeing the little thing so ill.

Inspector Bucket finds that getting Dodger might be the easy part but keeping him in the cell is near on impossible as a grand scheme is made to save him leaving Bucket pretty much back at square one.

Who else? Honoria is back to hoping that she can turn back time and be with her Captain seeing she’s pregnant with his child, and if to make it even more dramatic she’s actually quite a way through. Frances is plotting behind her back, this time at the bequest of her father. Nothing good is going to happen there.

Neither is nothing nice going to happen to the Havisham’s, Compeyson has finally gotten rid of Arthur by making out that the best thing now is to make Amelia just buy his shares at double their price. When this is done against Jaggers best attempts to stop her Compeyson makes it evident to Arthur that this is NOT the end of it, only the end for Arthur who now has his money and can go.

So more of the same!

This episode was strange in the fact that it felt much more like the scenes you have in a hour long episode to separate the action. It was a fun and I love the cast so much they make it work but at the same time you can’t help but really feel like there should be just a little bit more urgency in it all by now. Not all episodes can be fast paced and dramatic but at the same time with 30 minute episodes you also can’t have episodes that lag at all. Dickensian is boosted by its magnificent cast and how much you love the characters but at the same time stories become important, then unimportant, then forgotten altogether before returning and us meaning to care for them. This episode, which is the first one since last Thursday, left all the stories feeling really unimportant. In fact it felt like a restart. It felt like everything that came before it was nothing compared to what is going to end the season.

I don’t know how they managed to make it so interesting whilst at the same time feeling quite empty.

The series keeps me on the edge of my seat but I kind of wish they’d just done more with it.

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