Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams

So the final Hitchhikers book (other then the other one) is finally being reviewed. It took me a while to even read it and I don’t think its even the longest book of the series.

The final (kind of) curtain call.

*NOTE : I apologise this review seems to have been left in my drafts forgotten! I was pretty sure I had posted it.*

Arthur finally gets killed. The Earth gets destroyed. Everything is good again.

I really didn’t like the book if I’m honest. From the first book to this one I’ve enjoyed them less and less… Well apart from Life, The Universe and Everything which was my favourite. I think I liked the first book so much because it felt like a adventure with all these guys and you wanted to be apart of it. I liked Life, The Universe and Everything because it felt like a adventure with Arthur Dent. The other books, this one included, all feel a bit… Naff in comparison.

There was a lot of skipping about the place and way too many Tricia’s in this story. One moment you are face to face with a Tricia that hadn’t gone on the adventure with Zaphod having a new adventure with a alien race on the planet Rupert. Then you are faced with Trillian who wanted to have a kid but wasn’t compatible with Zaphod so had to go to a intergalactic sperm bank, just the only other human to ever visit them therefore give any sperm was Arthur Dent. So Trillian and Arthur have a daughter who she just dumps on him after messing her life up in so many different ways.

Ford goes about his own business until he suckers Arthur into it.

Arthur was having a nice life with nice people making sandwiches until Trillian and Ford did their best to mess his life up. He also then ended up killing Agrajag at Stavro Mueller – Beta and then the Earth finally gets blown up.

I just didn’t like it. It was difficult to read (hence it took so long and sapped any energy I did have TO read at all) and just felt like putting pieces into place so the majority of characters would be in one place at one time to kill them all off.

Bits of it I loved. I would have loved for more with Arthur and Random and would have loved them to have had a nice relationship in the end. I liked Ford breaking into places and stuff. Hell I didn’t really mind the Grebulons and Tricia. All mashed into one though it felt like all the stories happening at the same time weren’t given enough breathing space and you only got a small glimpse here and there of more interesting things happening.

No one really interacted with each other either. It all felt quite rushed and people got thrown together but never really said or did anything together.

I’m not sure it was my least favourite book but I just couldn’t get on with it which was a shame because I do genuinely love the series and the characters. By Mostly Harmless though I kind of wished it ended a few books ago. I don’t see myself jumping to read it again any time soon, in fact in re-reads of the series I might just miss it out altogether. It was difficult enough to read once let alone ever again.


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