Dagashi Kashi : Fugashi, Fugashi and… / Glico, Glico and…

Episode 4

“Fu ga shi to fu ga shi to… / Guriko to Guriko to…”(ふがしとふがしと… / グリコとグリコと…)

Hotaru brings even more fun and games to Coconuts life in his fathers candy store.

The erotic play gets going….

Or not.

Hotaru shows up with a whole bunch of Fugashi for a taste off against Kokonotsu. It gets as ridiculous as it sounds, for some reason not only do they need to be blindfolded but they have to have their hands tied too.

It was interesting actually listening to how they figured it out from the sound of the wrappers to the thickness, length and quality of the Fugashi. I used to have to do it at school with cheese and it is a interesting way of eating. Plus its the perfect way to bring out the inner candy seller in Kokonotsu as he is able to identify every one he’s given.

The last one though was just too much for me and I toppled off my chair in laughter at the giant pink one being stuffed down Hotaru’s throat.

Of course she ends up leaving Coconuts tied up and his father returns just to see it for what it really is.

The second half we see some more of Coconuts drawings which are really good up till the point To messes with them. For some reason Coconuts lives way too far away from his friends and its up to him and Hotaru to run to the coffee shop using Glico sweets to power them.

It becomes rather over dramatic and he doesn’t get to the coffee shop in time to stop Saya from seeing the modified pictures of her and Hotaru in the book.

There was so much science in there that my brain went dead. I don’t like numbers much and having to listen to Hotaru calculate all this stuff just made my head hurt. I think it was a cool way of getting across the point of the candies though but it just hurt my head. I loved how over dramatic it all was and to be honest I’m not sure why Saya would look in his sketchpad anyway but its his own dumb fault for leaving it behind.

Plus just how far does he actually live from the coffee shop?

And why is Yo NEVER in the store? Like EVER?

I want to try Fugashi now, not that fussed about Glico but Fugashi is on my list of things I must eat at some point.

The episode I guess felt a little different because it only focused on the two candies but also just felt less of a attempt to sell them and more of Kokonotsu and Hotaru having fun. I kind of want to see more of all four of them together.


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