Dagashi Kashi : Buta-men, Kuru Kuru Bou Jelly and… / Bontaname, Seven Neon and…

Episode 3

“Butamen to kurukuru bō zerī to… / Bontaname to Sebun Neon to…” (ブタメンとくるくるぼーゼリーと… / ボンタンアメとセブンネオンと…)

I don’t know why I haven’t been able to keep up with this show its so easy to watch… I guess I’ve been trying to cut back on eating and all this anime does is make me hungry.

Bloody anime making food so tempting…

As always a anime of two halves.

In the first Hotaru continues to be just as crazy as ever. Turning off the aircon in the store on the hottest day of summer, turning up a portable fire to boil a kettle to eat Buta-Men. She shares the moment with Coconuts and To who saw her carrying the portable fire and helps her to the store. Of course with all the sweating and then eating something that looks very much like a pot noodle To doesn’t last very long and suddenly Coconuts…. OK Kokonotsu, realises that the candy will go off if over heated. Just the aircon is now broken.

For some reason closing the store and going to the pool is the best option, seeing they were worried about the candy I’m not sure why but there you have it.

Yo is at the pool being a lifeguard in a attempt to get Kokonotsu to enjoy candy he and Hotaru has left at the bottom of the pool. That itself doesn’t go well either as there is no eating in the pool.

A failed attempt but it was nice to see Yo again who hasn’t been around since the first episode. I love his relationship with Kokonotsu and even though the anime is just one big advertisement for candy in Japan its nice to see him and his dad and the actual story part of the anime come to the forefront of the episode.

The second half see’s Hotaru testing the Endo siblings. First To who has taken over looking after the shop for Kokonotsu and then Saya at the coffee bar.

You see I love all the trivia on the candy I think its really fun. I had never in my life thought that maybe the reason candies come in difficult to deal with packages could be a ploy to make the candy last longer. It was like the “war of the snacks” stuff in the last one where it was pointing out how all the candy has mascots and bright wrapping paper to entice people to buy it.

That is the kind of useless information I love so much about this anime.

Of course it isn’t really the reason I come back to it, thought its something that makes me really want to go to Japan even more.

Nah I love the characters and their relationships. I love how crazy Hotaru is. The way she’s so obsessed with the candy. I like her interactions with Saya. I love seeing To and Kokonotsu together. I like the stupid things they get up too. I kind of wish there was a little more of that. I’d love to see more of them just living life together, after all Coconuts is possibly more likely to take over the store if he’s happy. Being crammed with knowledge that he doesn’t want and being creeped out by the local weirdo whilst his friend nearly dies from nosebleeds probably isn’t the best way forward for him.

I just love everything about it. Its so much fun and it makes me so hungry. I’m trying to do the Dechox (without actually asking for sponsors as I never bloody get them) so watching something about candy is not helping me at all!


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