365 Challenge : Think Global, Act Local

I didn’t really know what to write until I remembered a story that I guess this prompt has made me decide to share. Its only short and isn’t really about me but a really good friend of mine.

Since we were kids she wanted to be a police officer and she worked hard to become one.

Even growing up there was kind of a World vs Police kind of vibe, no one liked them, no one trusted them and the more nasty the story about them you could find the more you’d spread it to prove it was true. It never deterred her and to be fair its one of those weird things that when you know someone who WANTS to be a police officer even if you hate the police in general you kind of think its a great idea for that person to do it.

Personally I’ve never had a problem with the police. I know for everyone 1 terrible officer there are at least 5 who are there for the right reasons trying to do the right thing. You see all the horrible things that nurses and doctors do too in the news yet no one brandishes them all with that horrible brush, maybe because doctors and nurses are there to help you when you are ill, I don’t know. Maybe its just the nature of being police, they don’t have to agree with the law and maybe sometimes people think that they are too anal about upholding small things and not fast enough, good enough or kind enough whilst dealing with others. Its much more complex I guess then other jobs yet people would love to define it as being simpler if they just did it THEIR way.

Anyway my friend worked hard and managed to become a police officer and she loved it until she started to get harassed in the street out of uniform for being a pig. When the police were in the news for being out of control or doing something wrong it was like my friend had been there and done it personally no matter where in the world it was. The common feeling seemed to be “well you’re all the same” which hurt her a lot.

My friend wanted to be a police officer because one helped her when she was very young, I won’t go into detail because it isn’t my story to tell, the police officer that helped her stayed in contact with her up until his death. She is a good person and wanted to do what was right, wanted to help people. In the end though she gave it up because people were throwing things through her windows, they attacked her going out shopping and all sorts. She moved away and retrained to become a sports teacher and says she gets as much aggro as a teacher as she did as a police officer.

What does she personally think about the police? She thinks its like any other job, until you do it you can’t really judge the way people act. She thinks it attracts good people and bad people but like in all walks of life it isn’t so simple to tell the good from the bad so it isn’t until they’ve done something bad that you know that they are bad. She thinks the majority do what is right and go beyond to help people and very often the kindest acts of the police force are never highlighted because they aren’t important. She thinks its just as broken as anything else in the world but more then most professions people just want to see the worst of them.

So that is that I guess.


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