365 Challenge : Flangiprop!

Flangiprop – A super secret and near on impossible diving move.*

He’d only just scraped through to the finals and he could feel the pressure on him. All his team mates were going to dominate their fields but Luke knew that he had to pull out something special.

Nothing special was coming to him though.

He wasn’t that special, he was just Luke. Plain and simple Luke. He’d joined the diving club because his best friend had, he was never really good enough to go to tournaments but the club had become so small that he’d been forced by his friend to join just so that they could compete. In practise he was nothing. He didn’t actually know how he’d got through to the finals, someone had made a mistake then another and then another. Luke had just did his best.

All around him people were smiling, so happy to be here. Luke on the other hand was tired. He’d spent the whole night watching old DVDs his friend had lent him trying to find something that he thought he’d be able to improvise on the day. Nothing he’d practised was good enough so he had to find something from somewhere.

Sitting waiting for his name to be called was the worst experience in his life.

Well, not quite as bad as the feeling he had right now on the diving board looking down into the pool.

He wasn’t going to have the luck of having everyone else mess up this time, if he wanted to get a medal like everyone else in the group he’d have to do something special.

Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes.


He couldn’t remember leaving the board, he couldn’t remember what he’d done, he had hoped that he hadn’t just lost consciousness and fallen but it had felt like something had taken over his body and moved it for him. He hadn’t opened his eyes the whole way down but energy had pulsed through his body. Now, here under the water, he didn’t want to surface and see the angry looks on his team mates faces. He stayed down as long as he could, slowly making his way back to the side of the pool. When he got there hands entered in to lift him out, he wondered if he HAD just fallen in and whether people were worried about him.

He was pulled bodily from the water, spluttering as he surfaced. Hands were touching him all over, he tried to pat them away, especially the ones getting a little too close for comfort. People were shouting at him but he still had water in his ears and it came to him groggy. It didn’t sound right. It sounded excited not worried, happy not sad. He shook his head a couple times to bring himself too just in time to see his best friend smiling right into his face.

“A Flangiprop? Where did you learn that one? Only like 3 people in the history of diving have pulled off a perfect one….”

To his side he could hear the surprised voice of the coach.

“Why didn’t he just say he could do it? I mean a Flangiprop? I thought he was the weakest in the class but maybe I should be asking him for pointers?”

Later on that evening when Luke was sat in the hotel room with his gold medal on the bedside cabinet he couldn’t help but spend the evening trying to find out what the hell a Flangiprop was or how he’d ever managed to do it. Safe to say he was going to leave the diving club the very next morning, one Flangiprop was enough for him.



*It is a made up word that I had to give a definition too. I don’t know why diving came straight to my head but I hope you liked my very short story!

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