Myriad Colours Phatom World : Fake Family

Episode 4

“Mozō Kazoku” (模造家族)

The theme of the episode this time out is Family. If you hadn’t guessed.

Reina gets possessed by a Phantom Bus.

Actually as silly as that sounds it is possibly one of the scariest and serious stories so far.

Even if when she’s possessed her “Fake Family” are bunny rabbits. The setting might be funny but they both are still possessed.

The story made Reina stand up to her fear of telling her parents she’d joined the club, after her sister left it was obvious she didn’t want to rock the boat therefore a parasite Phantom was able to possess her and give her what she wanted. A happy family. Even if they were rabbits.

You couldn’t help but feel sorry for Reina as it became obvious that she was just lonely. With her sister gone she was trying to replace the gap that it had left and that is why she wants to be part of the family that see see’s Mai and Haruhiko having. Haruhiko himself seems to have a broken family and his feelings about his own family are what break the spell for Reina even though she still seems upset that she didn’t go with the Phantoms in the end.

I actually felt really sad by it all. Even though it was obviously extremely funny at no point did I feel like laughing. It was actually such a horrible contrast to her real life and her fake life that I wanted her to leave and be happy with the fake family. It didn’t even end on a high note making it feel more like she would have been happier if she had just disappeared with the Phantoms.

If I’m not mistaken this is the first time the Phantoms have tried to pull someone with them even when they were leaving. I know that they were a parasite so if she’d agreed to go with them they’d have used her to stay alive but it was just a heart breaking scene.

I think I’ve underestimated this show because it was so strong the whole way through, yeah once or twice I smiled at silly things, but no matter how bizzare and silly it got the actual point of the story stuck with me.

Not for a moment do I think we’ve even scratched the surface of this one though. We’ll have to wait and see.


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