Myriad Colours Phantom World : Operation Copy-Paste Memories

Episode 3

“Kioku Kopipe Sakusen” (記憶コピペ作戦)

I do apologise that its late but I’m catching up with it now and this time out we’re thinking about Memories.

This is why the anime itself interests me so much. It has a lot of themes running through it that are just really interesting and uses them really well. The characters might be comedic quite a lot of the time and the stories pretty funny but there are also some really brilliant ideas that play out really well.

Memory was this weeks. The idea of being able to copy another persons memory or make a backup of their memory like we do with data on a computer.

It centred around Mai but also touched on how memories can be changed to fit what we want to remember.

Two Phantoms lure her to a fight that she can’t win. Instead of asking Koito for help she decides to train Haruhiko and Reina before their teacher points out that actually with Haruhiko’s ability they might just be able to get into the memory bank and copy her memories so that Haruhiko will be able to use her martial arts skills.

In the end it turns out that a memory she had of playing with two girls whilst being a introvert in preschool actually was a memory of her beating those two girls up which has lead the two girls, who just so happen to be Phantoms, to want revenge. Haruhiko manages to copy the memories but interestingly enough they point out that just because he knows how to do it doesn’t mean he has the strength or stamina to carry it out. They do end up beating the two Phantoms using Mai’s abilities instead.

As always it was interesting seeing them tackle the question of whether or not they’d be able to copy the memories as well as having the twist that actually copying someone’s memories means little if you don’t have the training itself to work with it. So it isn’t a over powered boost to Haruhiko going forward but a experiment that just proved that somewhere in them they have a database of memories.

Reina seems to be struggling to believe that she’s part of their “family” and I can see that being a interesting story going forward. As far as they two seem to be concerned she’s part of their team but she see’s something there that the others don’t really know about.

There is also a strange girl with a teddy seemingly following them around which could be interesting.

All the doubts I had in the first episode have been dispelled and it hasn’t been through lack of interest I’ve fallen behind, more like I have just been busy and forgot what day its on.

A really good episode.


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