Boku Dake ga Inai Machi : Accomplishment

Episode 4

“Tassei” (達成)

Things have started to get serious and Satoru has to keep working towards saving Kayo from the fate he knows is awaiting her.

It was the first time I was slightly disappointed in the anime but not for any story reason just for the fact that we’ve now skipped all the way TO the fateful day. Its slightly disappointing purely because I was enjoying the build up TO it.

Of course the episode itself was once more a masterpiece of story telling so the fact it went right up to that day didn’t bother me.

One thing I think got brushed over a little because it moved so fast was the feeling of repeating himself that Satoru had when he realised that even though he’d changed time a little by taking Kayo to the Science Centre with him he had also repeated time as he’d gone alone originally but still had seen her there. It would have been a really interesting part of the story to look into, that dread of just repeating yourself.

In the end the day comes and goes and Kayo survives.

Or at least we are left to believe that she has been saved, in actual fact she doesn’t show up at the school the next day and we end it on the cliffhanger of the heart break of Satoru.

There is obviously so much more to the episode then that. It was lovely to see that I was right and that Satoru’s mum won’t stand for what is going on though as just a parent of another kid it isn’t like she can do much. It was lovely to see just being friends with Kayo has given her so much strength as a character. Its also interesting to see how him meddling is effecting others.

Seeing the day before the fateful night was Kayo’s birthday I’m pretty sure her mother is to blame for her not coming to school. The fact that her daughter went to a party and enjoyed herself, probably stayed up later then she should have stayed up to finish Satoru’s present has made her mum very angry.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next week.



One thought on “Boku Dake ga Inai Machi : Accomplishment”

  1. I kinda want to see his mum take more charge. I really like her as a character and want to see more of her. I wonder what Satoru is gonna do next? I mean I’ve no doubt that Kayo has survived and is just home after being beaten by her mum. Wonder if he goes out to look for the kidnapper?

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