War and Peace : Episode 4

I apologise that the review is rather late but I completely forgot about it! This week though we have a focus on the Rostov’s, the Bolkonsky’s and Boris Drubetskoy climbing the social ladder.

I liked that the story focused more on what seems to be the main love story of the show now instead of flashing from family to family. It was nice to see more of the Rostov’s who have been pretty important to the story so far but who have fallen under the radar in some of the episodes.

For one thing it was absolutely lovely to see Adrian Edmondson as Count Ilya Rostov have more to do. A totally underrated actor in so many ways he plays a absolutely lovely character who adores his family and wants only what is right for them. Trying his hardest to do what is right and what needs being done. He’s a wonderfully simple character trying to do his best at all times.

Natasha has her love tested by Anatole and Helene as Andrei goes away for a year before marrying her and the brother and sister target her. Lily James shines as the star of the episode as you feel so sorry for her surrounded by people you know that she just shouldn’t trust in any way, shape or form. Tuppence Middleton and Callum Turner continue to make me hate them with every word they say, every look they throw and every thing they do. I honestly don’t see how no one has seen through their games yet, they just look slimey and cruel. Neither look trustworthy and both make my skin crawl.

The thing is Natasha is young and is easily brought by sweet words. She was SO in love with Boris just to be SO in love with Andrei to be SO in love with Natasha and to chastise Sonya about not knowing love after watching her suffer for being in love with her cousin (Natasha’s brother) Nikolai, who made the grand gesture of telling his parents he wants to marry Sonya just to upset everyone in the process.

In other words her love failed.

We also got to visit Kenneth Cranham’s Uncle Mikhail who was such a strangely cheerful character that even though he wasn’t there for long he made such a strong impression.

I’m kind of happy that I missed the episode as I now can’t wait to see what happens this week when Prince Andrei arrives to see Natasha just to have her tell him the engagement is off.

Plus with Dolokhov in on the whole mess I can’t see this having a simple resolution. Though I’d be a bit annoyed if there was to be honest because Natasha has come across as being a silly little girl and Andrei is already broken by what happened to his first wife so anything simple about the solution just shouldn’t be there.

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