Dickensian : Episode 13

We continue to watch as Amelia heads towards her damnation and Inspector Bucket feels like he’s closing in on his man.

Unfortunately both are probably in for a fall.

Whilst Bucket is pretty convinced that the evidence against Fagin is piling up you can’t help but think he’s looking in the wrong direction. Even if Fagin did have something to do with it he doesn’t seem the type of person that would leave enough evidence behind to get caught. He’s safe enough with the knowledge that the world seems to know about the kids stealing and selling stuff off so any evidence that does point to him could be twisted to be a mere coincidence.

In fact he uses it to point Bucket in the direction of the Artful Dodger.

Other then that though no headway was made in the investigation for yet another week.

Catching up with the Havishams though and Amelia makes the big announcement to words of caution all around her. Honoria is obviously a tiny bit sad that her friend has found love whilst she’s being forced to court Sir Leicester, but offers words of concern about how fast its all come about. So do both Jaggers and Arthur much to Amelia’s upset. The thing is she hits the nail on the head perfectly asking if they all feel its to do with her fortune yet shrugs it off so easily that its a wonder she even thinks of it herself!

I mean looking back at their whole relationship and its been one of great turmoil. He is nice, then nasty, then nice, then nasty and now wants to marry her.

Her brother acts strangely around him, her lawyer asks for caution and even her best friend thinks its sudden yet she’s so infatuated with him that she’ll shrug off the obvious answer to all their fears saying that the stoney faced man who constantly berates her and treats her like dirt is the love of her life!

In fact for everything in the series the one thing I have never brought is Meriwether Compeyson caring about anyone. I think Tom Weston-Jones has sold the hard, cruel and cunning side of Compeyson very well but at no point have I seen anything but a icy reception to the company of Amelia that would have made me believe that there is anything but hatred there. Maybe Weston-Jones is just TOO good at the evil side of Compeyson that he’s forgotten that in private with Amelia he’s meant to be charming enough to win her over. Something her own brother would be incapable of doing.

On the one hand we’re sold the story of Amelia being strong willed and doing what is needed. She’s a good business woman and does her best but she’s been blinded purely by the act of someone saving her dog. Of course the heartbreak she’s felt at that loss has never been mentioned again.

I’m actually not sure whether or not I think she deserves it or not. I mean sure I don’t want something mean to happen to someone just because they are caring, kind and looking to be loved but at the same time people that have known her for so long are being forgotten and ignored purely because of one act of kindness which we, the audience, know is a lie anyway.

Oh well.

Other then that we find out that Honoria is pregnant which is going to leave a spanner in the works for her marriage to Sir Leicester, though I vaguely remember doesn’t her son grow up with Frances anyway? She was a ray of sunshine, in fact Honoria has now got her sisters brooding nature down to a perfect art form. Never is there going to be happiness in the Barbery household.

And we shall never, ever mention Little Bumble again. Ever. Please. Thank you.

I’m starting to feel like 30 minutes just isn’t enough. I’d rather have one 1 hour long episode a week then two 30 minute ones.

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