Dickensian : Episode 12

Again I apologise for the lateness.

Things have moved on in Dickensian, some for the better and some for the worst. I feel like the series is starting to slow down before a big dramatic ending which isn’t looking good for at least one of the main cast!

I shall start with the normal, ain’t the Cratchit’s cute line. In this episode the older boy, Peter, who is in love with Nell, gives the money he’s saved to buy Nell a birthday present to his mum to help Tiny Tim. He gets upset at his mum for refusing it telling her he’d rather see his brother better then suffering which set his mum off in tears, and probably most of the audience too. The casting for the Cratchits has been absolutely perfect from Robert Wilfort who embodies the spirit of goodwill and happiness, to young Brenock O’Connor who is taking in his fictional fathers footsteps.

The Cratchit’s were only a tiny part of this story.

Amelia Havisham marches on her way, as does Meriwether Compeyson.

She proves that she’s a decent owner with a good business head on her shoulders.

He once more proves he’s a weasel, with a wife who he sleeps with to shut her up before stealing her ring to give to Amelia in a proposal.

The saddest part is that for as much as I hate Jaggers the whole episode long he was the voice of reason to Amelia. He warned her about Compeyson, was proud of her standing tall at the meeting and yet is seen purely as her lawyer. I guess that is what he is but a lot of heartbreak would be spared her if only she’d start to listen to him.

Tuppence Middleton is one fine young actress and  I don’t think I can deal with the fate I know is coming to her by the end of the season. The stronger she gets the more she falls into the clutches of the evil Mr Compeyson. I know what happens to the Havishams but I wish I didn’t! I wish I could wish (that is a lot of wishes!) that Arthur would save her, even though he’s a git there is something about how sad Joseph Quinn plays Arthur that just makes me want them to throw the script away and have them both happy. Such a sadness that he can’t be closer to his sister, more like a complete confusion over his life and how to carry on. At times it feels like what he wanted to begin with was just a stupid dream that has gotten out of hand. I just want them both to be happy and know that both will be left ruined by the end of the season.

Their story is now the only one I truly care about.

I mean Inspector Bucket is going after Fagin now and there are a few moments here and there that are really good. I actually love Bucket as a character and love every scene he’s in but I’m so bored of the murder case that I just don’t care! I love that at every opportunity he has he’ll buy as many of Mrs Cratchit’s pies as he can, and his feeling of complete uselessness at not being able to help the kids that are being sold by Fagin really hurt. Again though its all small stories that could have been separate, even over the course of a season. The murder case has been forgotten, brought back, dragged out and just about everyone and their dog has been accused of the murder but he’s still pretty much at square one! I’d much rather see Dickensian, as I said above, throw the rule book out the window and have him try and take down Fagin instead of finding out who killed a character I can barely remember from Episode one and who no one cared about or even cares about now. Throwing in a random word here and there from Fanny and Mrs Gamp doesn’t really do it all justice! Even Scrooge has failed to mention anything much of it lately since Bucket has left him well alone.

A good episode though.

I can’t be the only person who doesn’t really like Mrs Bumble? Beforehand it was kind of funny, her thinking that they belonged in better company and all that, but now it just makes her sound like a horrid old woman! I guess its one thing having her twist the ear of her husband and another having her bragging about it in the streets.

Episode 13 will be with you in about 30 minutes.

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