Assassination Classroom : Spinning Time

Episode 4

“Tsumugu Jikan” (紡ぐ時間)

Last week was the final battle between Itona and Koro-Sensei, it ended up not with one or the other losing but both winning. Koro-Sensei survived once more and Itona became free from the clutches of Shiro and the tentacles that were slowly killing him.

This week we get to see how Itona is fitting in with the class.

I’d say he was fitting in real well.

We learnt last week that Itona’s parents had owned a business making electronic pieces and it turns out this week that being brought up in that surroundings has given Itona a natural gift for fiddling with things. He makes up a remote control tank which soon the other boys in 3-E become interested in. Especially when they realise that they could use it to look up girls skirts.

Through all this we did learn that Koro-Sensei’s weak point is his heart, right under his tie.

It wasn’t really that important, it was a small throw away moment in a episode designed to show the class bonding. It will probably end up being extremely important by the end of the series as a whole but right now it was just one more fact to pile on top of the others.

Giving us time to see the class bonding is so important as its one of the things that Koro-Sensei wants from them. Its also empowering. These are the kids left at the bottom of a educational mountain so that those above them can look back and gloat and if they slide down closer to them they can pull themselves up faster or know they’ll be the laughing stock of the rest of the school. People who fall into 3-E don’t tend to come out of 3-E but it also saps their belief and confidence in themselves completely.

What Koro-Sensei did in season one and has continued to do is teach them that they have it inside them anyway and even if they don’t they have one thing that the others don’t have.

They have the passion to not be looked down on.

And they work hard as a team. Something that you kind of saw in Season 1 doesn’t happen in the main school. Yes Class A got together to help each other study but it felt more like a necessity and anyone failing would be punished. At least one of the top five seemed to enjoy letting people know they were stupid compared to him anyway.

Having Itona join that was such a important moment for us to see. As well as being new and perfectly fitting into Terasaka’s group he also has a sad history that needs to be rewritten into something happier for him. He can only do that with people by his side.

Even if its to perv at the girls.

The second half of the episode was just funny. It had the class give each other codenames. I can’t remember all of them but they were all oddly perfect for the people they were given too and so very funny.

Again showing the class bonding but teaching them an important lesson in the fact that they can be more then they think they can be. They have to mould the world to them not them to the world.

I like these episodes more then most because its just nice to see the kids in the class get to be more then anyone has ever given them a chance to be. To bond with each other and actually have a life worth living. Its a nice change from constant pushing or people trying to walk on them.

Plus Itona is such a interesting addition to their class and its always good to see other students getting a push in confidence.

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