One Piece : Lets Go See Master Nekomamushi

Chapter 814

I could say a lot of things, but I’m not going to beat around the bush here. Right under the cut is the BIGGEST spoiler if you haven’t read Chapter 814 so don’t read on unless you wanna know.


No bloody wonder Brook was a bit worried/scared/shivery about the name of his family.

From the third son of a famous assassin to a cook. Now THAT is a story I am dying to hear about! Now a lot of the outbursts we saw young Sanji have in his flashbacks make sense.

I know this was the last thing to happen in the manga but it just really blew my mind. I was thinking they were rich merchants or something but assassins? I honestly would never have guessed. It wouldn’t be that surprising for a world class assassin to see the upside to marrying his son off to a Yonko either. I now just deadly want to see the rest of Sanji’s family.

The actual chapter was super interesting. You got to really meet Nekomamushi and his upbeat and happy life. He won’t do as Chopper tells him and seems to keep opening his wounds as a result but he seems to be a free spirit and completely different from how I actually thought he’d be for some reason. I didn’t think he’d be so cool. I can’t wait to see more of him just being him.

The whole chapter is back in the current time with everyone trying to get their head around Sanji’s predicament.

You all know I love Zoro and once again he proves he ain’t just a pretty face and a relentless choppy up things person. No our bone head is actually not only very logical he’s also pretty smart.

All of the Straw Hats are emotional. Some more then others. Some are set off by different things and they all have this sense of needing to save people ESPECIALLY their own. Luffy in this chapter is the living proof. He ain’t upset that Sanji is getting married as it means that someone else will be joining their crew, he doesn’t want to join Big Mom’s crew… Well become her underling so he decides he needs to go see Sanji. Something that everyone is in agreement with other then Zoro who points out the obvious.

The Straw Hat / Law plan was to go after Kaido. Taking down Doffy has pissed Kaido and team off PLUS they are with Kinemon and friends who it seems that Kaido is also after…


Sneaking on her ship?

Disrupting weddings?

They’ve already taken over Fishman Island is this really wise?!

As Zoro logically points all this out obviously the others get upset and it seems that no matter how much logic is applied they will still be going to find Sanji. It was the obvious next step.

I obviously really think they should listen to Zoro but like all of them my heart isn’t in it. We need to go and save Sanji. Or not? He might not want to be saved when he gets there but it would be nice to see him actually grow as a character. I’ve felt that Sanji needs a bit of actual development because too often then not recently (I say recently but we haven’t truly seen him for ages) he’s been the butt of some rather nasty jokes. I want to see the other side of Sanji that we used to get, not the nosebleed king. I just can’t wait to find out what we learn about Sanji and his life before the Straw Hats because its now just been dunked in mystery. Its made me very excited to be reading One Piece again.

Who else is excited by Assassin Sanji?

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