Prince of Stride : Run – When the Mind is Full

Episode 4

Sorry if that isn’t the name of the episode, I didn’t pick it up during the episode and Wiki doesn’t have it up. Will change when Wiki posts it if I need too.

This week Honan take on Mihashi in a must win race to get closer to the “End of Summer” event.

Mihashi are much different from Saisei in that they don’t really work as a team. Their Relator isn’t doing any of the work and when he talks in any way to the team its usually as a bluff against Honan to make Nana panic.

To be honest though it isn’t Nana that is the problem. Unfortunately not only is Kadowaki the slowest part of the team but knowing that he’s the slowest he goes out on a limb to get ahead of his opponent and ends up being taken away in a ambulance for his troubles. Thanks to his heart and Kohinata managing to pull back their deficit Honan won and we’re one step closer.

Like all good stories though there needs to be a follow through in the next episode. Kadowaki hurting himself and feeling useless needs to be dealt with in a positive manner, it needs to help fuel him but he also needs his friends there to help fuel him too. It’ll be interesting to see if they do that or just forget it. He had a big crash out and was really hurt and needs to be kept motivated.

Seeing them train together, even if it was only a little bit, was good. We need more real bonding moments as right now I’m starting to feel like they’ll rush it all and we won’t get a moment where the group truly feels like they’ve become a group. On the other hand I love the races so kind of happy that we are getting so many.

It looks like we’ll soon get to see Riku’s brother. He phoned Kuga to let him know he’ll be coming back so it will be very interesting to see what happens when he does show up. I really want to know more about Kuga, he just tends to show up here and there being mysterious.

Funny though that I really do think that its a great anime but at the same time it is missing that bonding moment that would make it better. And that bonding won’t come in outdoor baths with Fujiwara feeling up the boys. I got it the first episode but I really don’t want to see Fujiwara feeling them up even if its just to see their muscle structure. Fujiwara is just strange though and there needs to be something more to him.

Strong episode though.

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