Royal Rumble 2015 Review

It is me, Anna, reviewing the Royal Rumble tonight. My favourite event of the year.

Matches Quick Overlook :

The Dudley Boys vs Mark Henry / Jack Swagger vs Damien Sandow / Darren Young vs The Ascension

Dean Ambrose (c) vs Kevin Owens

New Day (c) vs The Usos
Winner : NEW DAY

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Kalisto
Winner : KALISTO

Charlotte (c) vs Becky Lynch

Royal Rumble
Winner : TRIPLE H

The Dudley Boys vs Mark Henry / Jack Swagger vs Damien Sandow / Darren Young vs The Ascension
Mark Henry / Jack Swagger win by pin fall

Well one very obvious thing from this match is that the fans LOVE Sandow still.

This match basically enters two of the guys into the Rumble. Whoever wins gets to join the Rumble later on tonight.

I will have to say that I wasn’t paying too much attention to the match as I’d only recently got home from a wrestling event in Taunton and was getting settled back in whilst hugging my brand new Ramsey Bolton Funko Pop.

Every time Sandow did something though the fans were just screaming. More then once did the ref completely lose track of the match and the whole load of these guys ended up in the ring. The makeshift tag teams worked quite well, though apparently Henry/Swagger have been on Main Event recently so maybe worth watching some of that at some point!

Whilst I think it was a bit pointless to have Henry/Swagger win when the guy the crowd wanted was obviously Sandow and was ALWAYS going to be Sandow, it was also nice to see Henry get to enter seeing its possibly his last Rumble.

The McMahons

So Jojo grabs Vince and Stephanie as they arrive and they seem very happy. Its nice to see them happy.

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose (c)
Dean Ambrose won by being the Last Man Standing

I guess it makes sense to have this match first seeing that they probably want both to look like they can stand for the Royal Rumble match.

Dean Ambrose was right on Kevin Owens and the match didn’t stay in the ring for very long. In fact it didn’t wait for long for them to be throwing themselves over the announce table and nearly killing Michael Cole. In fact for quite the while there was just nothing from Owens until he ducked a kendo stick and got a big boot in.

The match just went bloody crazy. At one point Ambrose just threw a chair at Owens head and the chair just got stuck on Owens head, there was a pile of chairs everywhere, stacks of tables… Thing is neither really need the weapons as Owens vicious kicks and the relentlessness of Ambrose would just be enough.

There was a great reversal from the top rope that kept Ambrose down for 9 1/2 and some seriously close calls. In fact in the end I completely forgot that there was a stack of two tables on the outside which Owens was unceremoniously thrown into to lose the match.

I don’t know what I really wanted to end this match but I felt sad that it was over. I think I’d have preferred if it was a close call between the two of them to by the time the 10 count was over Ambrose looked his normal self just a little more sweaty.

New Day (c) vs The Usos
New Day win by pin fall

So we now have Francesca II in the safe hands of Xavier Woods. New Day were as funny as ever and had me laughing for a rather short entrance for them.

Match started well with a good back and forth between the two teams. The Usos took the action outside the ring and whilst the ref wasn’t paying attention Xavier helped turn the tables for his team.

If I’m honest I never keep my attention for long when the Usos are in a match, I just don’t find them that interesting to watch in the ring. Even with New Day in there and in lovely pink outfits I just didn’t really want to pay attention.

Suddenly the match got really busy, lots of bodies everywhere. Big E picking up Jey in mid air to hit the Big Ending was well worth watching the match though. It was a great ending to the match and I’m kind of happy that New Day are still champions.

The Wyatts

So we now have the Four Horsemen of the Braypocolypse running around. There is nothing scarier then Bray Wyatt singing “I’ve got the whole world in my hands”… Other then the crowd singing along with him.

Come on WWE Creative its Bray’s time to shine he’s got the creepy Horseman shit down perfect. Don’t ruin it.

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Kalisto
Kalisto wins by pin fall

What can I honestly say? We’ve basically seen this match a good three or four times in the last three weeks!

Del Rio dominated other then a few moments here and there where Kalisto used his speed and his flexibility to put Del Rio on the back foot but the second he had a few moments on Del Rio that was it. Del Rio can pick him up no matter what he’s doing, most of his moves aren’t going to budge him, so watching him run into a wall and being man handled is OK once or twice but after the fourth time is boring.

This time though it was Kalisto getting another win and we had to listen to how the impossible was made possible…. Even though he won it the other week so it isn’t impossible AT ALL.

Stephanie McMahon / Paul Heyman

Stephanie’s reaction to Paul talking about her pores was brilliant. Heyman continues to be his usual Brock Lesnar in love self.

Charlotte (c) vs Becky Lynch
Charlotte wins by pin fall

Another match we’ve seen a few times over the last few weeks. Thankfully these two are much better matched to have a good match!

It opened up very much the same way it always does. Back and forth between the two, Charlotte using her strength against Becky and Becky being all firey and ready for what is thrown at her. Every time that Becky was in charge Charlotte headed for the outside, in the end Ric hit Becky with smooch which distracted Becky enough for Charlotte to take over.

Match was really good though and to be honest Becky has come a long way in such a short period. The fans were all behind her to win and she looked great when she was in charge of the match. Unfortunately we were always going to end up with interference. Charlotte accidentally kicked her dad and then afterwards when Charlotte was in the Disarmer he threw his coat over Becky’s head giving Charlotte the window of opportunity to win the match.

After beating down on Becky and getting ready to leave Sasha shows up and marches to the ring just to attack Becky too. She makes her statement though, she’s here for the Divas Championship belt.

Royal Rumble

1. Roman Reigns
2. Rusev

So the two last people in last years Royal Rumble are the two first in this time out. Makes sense.

It was completely one sided. Rusev was out before I even had a chance to think.

ELIMINATED : Rusev (Roman Reigns)

3. AJ Styles

Yes AJ Styles is in the WWE and yes he joined the Rumble at number 3. Of course I freaked the hell out. Everything he did was blocked or reversed by Reigns but he took his time which was important because it meant before we knew it we had another guy coming out.

4. Tyler Breeze

I was a little worried that he’d come in just to be thrown out again but thankfully he wasn’t. Well. He took the fight to Styles and Reigns before kind of being picked up by Styles and whacked messily by Reigns to be eliminated.

ELIMINATED : Tyler Breeze (Roman Reigns / AJ Styles)

Just as AJ and Roman start to actually fight the next guy comes down.

5. Curtis Axel

Well he didn’t make it to the ring last year so his year long Rumble match really begins now. It was actually terrible though, the Outcasts kind of got beaten up and then Axel was eliminated.

ELIMINATED : Curtis Axel (Roman Reigns)

6. Chris Jericho

This is the point where I thought things would get interesting. I doubted that they’d eliminate Jericho too fast. Jericho coming down gave Styles something to fight as until now it had been a few big moves here and there but nothing good. The three did clog it up long enough for another guy to come down.

7. Kane

Kane broke a record just by coming down to his however many Royal Rumbles and completely took control. He didn’t eliminate anyone though. You knew that things were going to start getting crowded though.

8. Goldust

What a strange bunch of wrestlers to have in the ring all at one time. AJ Styles, Goldust, Kane, Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns. That could be a main event in its self. Styles was laid out by Goldust whilst Kane and Roman had a hug in the corner.

9. Ryback

What is wrong with Rybacks tongue? If Ryback eliminates anyone I might just enter myself into next years Rumble just to take out Ryback myself. He did take everyone down but obviously you need to get them over the top rope so knocking them down ain’t the smart thing.

With Styles lasting so long and staying out of too much trouble I managed to get excited at the prospect of Styles getting a actual go of it.

10. Kofi Kingston

Now this is going to be good. How is Kofi going to save himself from elimination this year? AJ was nearly eliminated just to crawl back under the ring ropes.

11. Titus O’Neil

Titus came in and done the one thing I love to see. Picked people up and threw them around. Thankfully he lasted longer then last year as I really do think he’d be a good pick for champion soon. He even got the first elimination in a while!

ELIMINATION : Goldust (Titus O’Neil)

Kofi Kingston nearly eliminated Roman Reigns. That was something I was impressed with!

12. R-Truth

Well he came out, got a ladder, got in the ring, climbed the ladder, screamed about a briefcase and was eliminated.

ELIMINATED : R-Truth (Kane)

Kane then turned his attention on Kofi who went flying outside onto Big E’s shoulders, so not quite eliminated. Man do I love Kofi and the ways that he stays in the ring.

13. Luke Harper

I’m now worried for Bray as that is a bit early for one family member. I mean its nearly half way sure but I wanted them grouped at the end.

Whilst Harper gets in the ring the three healthy members of the League of Nations are brought to the ring by Vince to… Grab Roman under the ring ropes and beat him up outside the ring. Yes, instead of sending three guys into the ring to throw Roman out they pulled him under the bottom rope and then beat him up.

14. Stardust

Who cared about Stardust? No one because Rusev did a beautiful run across the announce tables to jump onto Roman Reigns. So they’ve laid him out, he’ll obviously not be part of the rumble for the rest of the night until last then he’ll come back and eliminate the last person. Oh yay.

15. Big Show

So Show comes down and we finally get some in ring action. Slowly the ring starts to empty a little with Show taking a few guys out.

ELIMINATED : Titus O’Neil (Big Show)
ELIMINATED : Ryback (Big Show)

At this point if I’ve missed something I am sorry but its all a bit of a mess now!

16. Neville

So Neville comes down at the perfect time to speed things up. I say this because we find out that Kofi HAS been eliminated by Chris Jericho…

ELIMINATED : Kofi Kingston (Chris Jericho)

But I completely missed it.

17. Braun Strowman

I’m kind of not interested in the Royal Rumble now that Roman has waddled off because I know he’ll come running back later on. I’m also kind of not interested in whatever it is that they will do with Strowman because they keep changing his “unbeatability” from event to event.

He did make a big entrance though eliminating Kane…

ELIMINATED : Kane (Braun Strowman)

Before starting a fight with Big Show and choking him out just to eliminate him.

ELIMINATED : Big Show (Braun Strowman)

Impressive start to his Royal Rumble career there.

18. Kevin Owens

Owens barely walks to the ring but he instantly starts a fight with AJ Styles. I don’t think the fighting teddy bear is impressed with WWE’s new signing….

ELIMINATED : AJ Styles (Kevin Owens)

The fans were audibly upset by it and continued to cheer AJ Styles which seems to surprise Michael Cole no end.

19. Dean Ambrose

Well who would have thunked it? Owens comes down in a bad mood and the next person up is the person that beat him earlier that night. Instant match stealer right there if they carried on like they left off earlier. They did just go at it like they did earlier in the night but this all had to stop when my favourite entrance of the night happened.

20. Sami Zayn

Kevin Owens face was priceless but hearing the Ole chants and how happy the crowd were for Sami to eliminate Owens just made me bloody happy. Now Zayn would be a great champion!

ELIMINATED : Kevin Owens (Sami Zayn)

The thing is this crowd were booing Roman Reigns and you have so many more popular people in the ring right now any ending is going to suck. Its just very sad.

21. Erick Rowan

Well we all know what this is aiming for? And of course the boys do start to work together to eliminate some people. I kind of wanted them to completely clear the ring but also didn’t seeing two of the people in there are Sami and Jericho.

ELIMINATED : Neville (Luke Harper)
ELIMINATED : Stardust (Luke Harper)

22. Mark Henry

Well Henry comes in, gets manhandled by Strowman and is out.

ELIMINATED : Mark Henry (The Wyatt Family)

After that Strowman looks to his next victim…

ELIMINATED : Sami Zayn (Braun Strowman)

Got him and moved on but then the Wyatt’s had a problem…..

23. Brock Lesnar

Suplex City just arrived. Any thought of a Wyatt Family domination is put to bed when Lesnar is able to floor Strowman and eliminates one of the three members in the ring.

ELIMINATED : Erick Rowan (Brock Lesnar)

He then puts his attention to Strowman.

24. Jack Swagger

I would not be running to the ring if I was Swagger. What a silly thing to do. He ran into a F5 and was eliminated right away. Waste of one of their talents right there.

ELIMINATED : Jack Swagger (Brock Lesnar)

We were gifted with a lovely visit to Suplex City whist waiting for a fresh victim, mainly because most of the other guys were on the floor by this time.

25. The Miz

Well Miz wasn’t as fast as Swagger… In fact he joined commentary instead. Whilst he talks sense to Michael Cole inn the ring Lesnar just Suplex’s anything that moves. In fact its kind of scary. No jokes. It is scary. You go back to the ring and someone else is being thrown around the place. After a good three or four Suplex’s sweet little Harper was gone.

ELIMINATED : Luke Harper (Brock Lesnar)

26. Alberto Del Rio

Whilst Del Rio corners Lesnar and gets some help from Ambrose to keep him there EVERYONE is back on their feet. Funny. Everyone is on the floor when Lesnar is up, everyone is on their feet when he isn’t. Unfortunately Lesnar is hardly EVER down for long.

ELIMINATED : Braun Strowman (Brock Lesnar)

27. Bray Wyatt

With the quick elimination/entrance of two Wyatt family members we see Bray trying to use his family to beat the Beast. Unfortunately what happens is Brock eliminates them all again and gives Bray a Suplex for his troubles. Then again they do finally eliminate him…

ELIMINATED : Brock Lesnar (Wyatt Family)

The Miz still isn’t in the ring and is on commentary but thankfully Lesnar is gone. Actually not thankfully because Reigns is still going to win. Well…. Next person.

28. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph didn’t make much of a entrance. He did bring the Miz into the match but he just kind of got beaten up after that. I like Dolph though so happy he came out late because it gives him a chance.

29. Sheamus

Unfortunately for Sheamus Roman Reigns appears and Superman punches him before getting in the ring and eliminating a few people.

ELIMINATED : The Miz (Roman Reigns)
ELIMINATED : Alberto Del Rio (Roman Reigns) 

He was the only person standing before number 30 came out…

30. Triple H

You read it right. Number 30 is Triple H. I can’t honestly see who is going to win now. Really can’t figure out who will win. Whilst everyone else just lies around the place waiting for the fireworks to go off Reigns and Hunter go after each other.

As is the case when the number 30 guy is down everything went a little crazy. Roman was nearly eliminated by Sheamus who finally got in the ring. Jericho, who has actually been in the ring longer then Reigns reminded us he’s still there. Ziggler nearly eliminated Hunter before being eliminated himself…

ELIMINATED : Dolph Ziggler (Triple H)

And then Bray Wyatt nearly sister Abigailed Triple H! Do you know how angry/sad/pissed/miserable I was when Bray was eliminated?

ELIMINATED : Bray Wyatt (Sheamus)

Reigns nearly got Sheamus AND Hunter in one, Ambrose reminded us all he’s still there before everything changed again. Ambrose had a false start trying to eliminate Jericho before actually eliminating him.

ELIMINATED : Chris Jericho (Dean Ambrose)

Leaving us with four men for the title. It was obvious that Sheamus and Ambrose would eliminate themselves to bring it down to Hunter and Reigns but till then they had quite the good fight.

ELIMINATED : Sheamus (Roman Reigns)

Dean Ambrose vs Triple H? Really?! REALLY?!

Ambrose was… I can’t even… Triple H wins.

ELIMINATED : Dean Ambrose (Triple H)

Winner : Triple H

Final Thoughts :

I have had one hell of a day and coming home, settling down and watching this just to see Triple H win it… I just don’t know what to say. Therefore I will say nothing and will just leave you with the mess that is the Rumble reviewed.

It was crazy and a bit messy but it was hell of a fun and I loved the ending. Not sure what it says about whether they trust the uninjured roster or not but never mind that.


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