Pride Promotions : Undisputed

I went all the way to Taunton to catch the first PWP event of the year. Its a bit further out then I’m used to going and was a rather touch and go thing for the train home but it was worth it as it always is.

On my last wrestling blog I was told off for not having enough photos so there are quite a few at the bottom. As always all feedback, opinions and whatever else are welcome in the comments below.

‘Big Grizzly’ Steve Griffiths vs Donovan Dijak

The match started off pretty slowly with a big stare down that seemed to go on for a life time. It ain’t all the time I say that Griffiths looked small but against Dijak he didn’t look half as intimidating as he usually does, not that he wasn’t just as bloody minded as always. In fact my friend who had never seen wrestling before (I have a few and I will turn them all into wrestling fans) really hated him because she thought he was a big bully.

When it started the match was brilliant. I love watching Grizzly wrestle and I haven’t really seen him in one-on-one action yet. Usually I’m watching him in six man tag matches or else the fatal four way at the last event. It was nice to see him go face to face with someone on his own. He did look great up against Dijak who in turn beat Grizzly up more then most do. It was a good opening match but with the horrible news that Saime has been injured so no championship match in Plymouth (boooo) which Grizzly was very happy about.

Love a bit of Grizzly beating people up to get the night going.

Chris Andrews / Adam De Silva vs Sami Smooth / James Baker / Dangerous Danny Douglas

It wasn’t my least favourite match of the night but it wasn’t far off. Adam De Silva got beat up, Andrews did his best to get the crowd pumped up and the other three were a bit chaotic.

To be fair Sami, Baker and Danny were all very funny and they did a good job of beating up De Silva and entertaining the crowd but they were also all just crazy. It was like watching all three trying to have a match singularly against De Silva but in a tag team. It was a little weird.

So it was very entertaining, sometimes for the wrong reasons, but it also felt a bit flat overall.

What I did love was whenever Andrews came in and started throwing people around. I actually got some really good photos of him throwing people around. That was the best part. It wasn’t a terrible match I just found the group of three to be rather messy as a team. I don’t even have to say just how good Andrews is and De Silva wasn’t too bad.

Kenny Omega vs Ultimo Tiger

Being a Ultimo Tiger fan and after buying two Tiger t-shirts (one for me and one for my niece) as well as getting my friend to buy his t-shirt I was very sad. He put up a great fight against Omega but sadly the Thundercat just wasn’t good enough to win.

Actually that sounds a bit mean and is actually really incorrect, Omega is one of the best in the world right now. He put up a great fight and the match was the match of the night by a giant margin, that doesn’t happen just because you have one great guy in a match.

He really took the fight to Omega, his high risk moves didn’t really pay off which was one place where Omega really took it to him. I have been a fan of Tigers since the first time I saw him because he just moves around the ring effortlessly and last night he proved not only is he a force to be reckoned with but that he’s got bags of potential. Matches like this one will only make him stronger.

Seeing Omega live is something every wrestling fan should go do though. It was so cool watching how he moved and interacted up close and personal. I know its probably the wrong word to choose but I’ve struggled to find another one but I’m kinda proud of how well Tiger matched up to him.

Tiger has kept the cape too and there was, for cape fans as I know there are at least one of you (I’m not talking about myself, we all know I’m a cape fan), impressive swishing of cape. Hands down the best match and Tiger is still hands down the coolest looking guy in PWP. Plus its lovely just how everyone falls in love with him the second he walks out of the curtain, expect my mate who is freaked out by guys in masks.

Scotty Essex vs Robbie E

This was the match I was really looking forward too as I’m a big fan of Robbie E and always ALWAYS am left gobsmacked by how brilliant Scotty Essex is.

They started off with a pose off. Well. Scotty Essex started with a pose off and it was possibly one of the greatest moments involving Scotty I’ve seen so far. Just how much he got into it made me laugh. The strutting was a A* but I’m sorry to say he did need to put more effort into the actual posing. That said the leg on the top rope was impressive, even Robbie E was impressed!

Robbie E chickened out of the pose off and instead got a kid in the audience to come up and pose off with him.

Scotty. You will always be a winner in my eyes, you did good.

They did then have a match. A really good match. I felt it ended a little short with a double count out but it was really amazingly good. Scotty continues once more to astonish me every time he wrestles, one time I will sit down to watch him and I won’t be surprised by him. I thought he and his personality completely won the match over. Dude is mega talented. I was looking forward to seeing Robbie E wrestle as I’ve been a fan of his for years and he didn’t disappoint. The two of them were a great match up and it was so much fun watching them.

In the end when they were being counted out they were just behind me so it was pretty cool. They both go on to Plymouth in February to fight for the Catch Division Championship. Now that match is going to be spectacular. It wasn’t the best match of the night but it was one of my favourite matches I’ve seen and I continue to fall in love with Scotty and just how wonderful his personality and in ring ability are.

Nadia Sapphire vs Hikaru Shida

I have to admit that I didn’t have my 100% attention on the match as we were discussing what time we’d have to leave to make the train. It was my least favourite match of the night though but it was still a good match.

Hikaru Shida was awesome I’m not sure there is any other word to describe her. I didn’t like Nadia much. There was just something really unconvincing about some of her moves and I don’t like the character much either, not that you are meant to but I didn’t like it for the wrong reasons. There were some moments that I enjoyed about the match but they were mainly the parts when Nadia was getting beaten up, specially on the outside of the ring. At times it did feel more like a glorified cat fight when Nadia had the momentum going and I spent a good deal of the match explaining things to my friend instead of paying full attention.

Lomaxx / Gideon / UK Dominator vs Eddie Ryan / Darren Saviour / Tatanka

So Saime was injured as I’ve already said which meant the main event had to be changed. You will laugh, I did actually only decide to go because I wanted to see Eddie Ryan and Saime Sahin in a team together so I was a little bit sad. There was even more sadness when it looked like we might have to leave before the match even began or ended but my friend saved the day agreeing to drive us to the train station so I got to see the whole match which made my night.

I have to say I was excited from the moment the match began till it ended. All the British guys in the match I love anyway and Tatanka was brilliant.

The UK Dominator didn’t get a chance to insult everyone like he normally does but Lomaxx could be heard shouting about how great he is and how he’s a real man. It sounds like he’s a bit worried about something there. I love those guys though, Vixxen slapped the camera man and even if they didn’t get to insult everyone they were just as horrible as they usually are.

For Pete – Eddie Ryan was obviously wearing his cape and it still wasn’t swishy enough for me. There is something memorising about Tatanka he’s just larger then life really, even there right in front of me it was like he wasn’t real. Plus ladies and gentlemen behold…..

After attempting to get one I have a non-blurry photo of Darren Saviour.

I loved the match. Tatanka kicked everyone’s ass, until he wasn’t in the ring any more and then poor Darren got beat up a lot. Of course I’m biased, I’m a fan girl, blah blah blah but there is never enough Eddie Ryan in any match therefore I’ll say it again, there wasn’t enough Eddie Ryan, though like last week when he was in the ring he made hell of a impression. It didn’t bother me too much though as he was doing his cheerleading on the outside which is just as fun to watch. He looks like a little lion perched on the ropes the way he does. Regardless of whether you listen to me or not though he is one big talent and delightful to watch as always.

The match… The match. Right.

The majority of the match saw the House of Bones dominating as they separated Saviour from his corner. Its amazing how every tiny thing they do just makes you want to hate them, for me it doesn’t work as it just makes me like them even more. Lomaxx was the stand out though, he really dominated the match both when he got in the ring and with his gob.

I feel bad for Vixxen who got involved in the match again just to be kissed again. Well I guess I feel sorry for her and DON’T. I mean I wouldn’t want to be kissed by Tatanka but I don’t know maybe she does. I kind of wish this trend of people kissing her changes mainly because its so cliché. I mean it was funny the first time, just by the sake of who it was this time it was OK but if it happens again next time I see her with them it’ll kind of just be… Pointless. She’s great though she just needs to get more involved in the match in a less funny way.

Both sides just really worked well together, I was honestly having the time of my life watching it. I could have sat there all night watching it. Seriously there was so much talent in the ring that you couldn’t help but get involved in it. PWP always end strongly though, their whole card is always ace but they always leave a spectacle for last.

The ending of the match actually made me jump off my seat and nearly had me cheer. Darren Saviour getting the pin was nice, I completely missed getting a photo of Eddie Ryan’s Superkick which makes me sad. I kinda want to see the UK Dominator vs Eddie Ryan in a singles match now, before anyone says they’ve had one, if they’ve had one, I haven’t seen it so don’t get smart with me. I loved the match but it still came in third behind Tiger/Omega and Essex/Robbie. I think Tatanka needs to be seen to be believed really and it was a wonderful main event with some extremely talented guys.

Finally ….

OK so it wasn’t my favourite PWP event I’ve been too, that ain’t saying much as I haven’t been to many (read that as I’ve been to two others….) but it was still a great night. Taunton is a bit out of my way really but my aunt, who went and loved it, said the next time they are in Taunton I might be able to go home with her to save me worrying about trains. They packed the building, we got there early and instantly was in a giant queue which then got so big that they had people queuing outside around the car park. They deserved the audience though because it was one hell of a night. Though note to anyone going to a PWP event get there early.

PWP did themselves proud as they always do. It was wonderfully organised and all the people working there were so friendly even when surrounded by a mass of people.

I apologise to the lady who served me twice at the merchandise table, she had the patience of a saint! Having such broad shoulders unfortunately means that I can only wear XL t-shirts else nothing else will go over my shoulders. I honestly would have brought every shirt they had there but instead I got the ones that I could get. I felt so sorry for her having to search through a bag to see what she had then I came back later and started fussing around the DVDs, well I didn’t fuss over then but I was there in the way. I am sorry about that to the poor lady!

Ultimo Tiger was by far the man of the night even after losing. He’s always been impressive but he was just so much more impressive against Omega. He deserves all the praise he gets for the match and was as always mighty impressive. He’s got one hell of a match coming up in Plymouth for his Catch Division trophy. He’s just going to get better though.

Tatanka is a sight to behold so even if like me you don’t really remember him, go see him because its a amazing experience.

I had a great time. There are so many events coming up and I’m going to hell of a lot of them. Plymouth is the next one on February 7th, Exeter on February 21st which I’m buying tickets to when I get paid at the end of the month. Then Falmouth on the 28th which unless I’ve found someone with a car to take me and bring me back I won’t be going to which is upsetting as always. If you are down around these areas go to one of the events, you will not be sorry!

As I said I picked myself up a Pride t-shirt and a Ultimo Tiger t-shirt as well as buying my friend Ros who couldn’t go this time a Chris Andrews t-shirt and my niece who is going to her first wrestling event at the Plymouth event a Ultimo Tiger t-shirt. I also brought four DVDs.

Plus I said it up there but the main event had me actually stand up and nearly scream at the ring. With my anxiety I don’t do anything that makes me stand out so that is a giant thing for me. Hell I actually stood up and nearly screamed when Ryan and Saviour came out.

I had a brilliant time and these guys surpass themselves every single event. Can’t wait for Plymouth which is looking to be a event to see.

If you have any more questions as always leave us a message in the comments. If you went let us know in the comments which were your favourite matches and highlights.


Website (you can book tickets or buy DVDs from there) :
Facebook : Pride Promotions
Twitter : @ProPWP

Next Event : Real Rock ‘N’ Rollers – Plymouth, 7th February

So yes below is a whole bunch of photos from the night! I haven’t uploaded them to Facebook as I took a little too many so some highlights below!

I took this photo whilst sitting in McDonalds on the second floor but honestly there were millions of posters EVERYWHERE. I was pretty impressed!







I managed to drag my friend and two lazy alligators along. Everyone had a great time.

As you can see.

12 thoughts on “Pride Promotions : Undisputed”

  1. Brilliant review as always. Just saw it as I was scrolling through Tumblr before bed. Happy you reverted back to the way you usually write then and all the photos which show up great on phones by the way. Happy you got to stay till the end too.

    How many photos in general do you usually take?

    Surprised a match with Ryan in it (six man tag and all) only made it to 3rd best match of the night. The other two matches must have been brilliant. A lot of praise for Ultimo Tiger who I’ve noticed you support but sometimes you don’t really say much about him. Was there something different this time out about the match? Or was it just the opponent and having to step it up a level?

    Did the women’s match really only leave a two paragraph impression on you?

    1. I did wonder if you’d catch the blog tonight! I even tweeted you’d be happy in the morning! Happy the photos weren’t too much of a bother and you enjoyed it!

      I generally take too many. It really depends how excited I am I guess, the more excited I am the more likely I’ll attempt to get a photo of something. Usually the cool things happen just as I’ve turned the camera off!

      You and your horrible questions that take me forever to answer! Yes it was nothing against that match (the main event) just the other two were so good they were in a league of their own. If it’s fan girling you are missing then here you go : I took way too many photos of my favs, I nearly cried when I thought I wouldn’t be able to see Eddies match, I actually did leave my chair when I heard the beginning of his music and personally I have named the standing in the corner screaming thing the Eddie Ryan Simba Maneuver! You didn’t hear that from me though! He was fantastic the little he did do. Plus he has the best super kick in the world, I know it’s just a super kick but meh. Enough fangirling?

      Trust me I could heap praise on Tiger all day long and still not get through everything I had to say. Answer to the question… He raised to the challenge given to him. Every guy he’ll fight will bring their own strengths and weaknesses to the ring and I guess like everyone he’ll just grow with every fight. It seemed like quite a big challenge for him but man did he bring the fight to Omega.

      Yes it did. I would have written more if I could. It’s a little unfair I guess as I was distracted but you know I’ve written so many of these reviews now for both the companies I go see live and never really had a match that I just had nothing much to say about (actually Knott/Alexander from the last PWA event was pretty much exactly the same word for word) so it’s bound to happen sometimes. I guess I can’t be happy and positive about EVERYTHING.

      1. I did wonder if you ran out of time to fangirl. I like the continuation of the Simba imagery. I can also see what you mean by the photos. A reason why we need photos on the blog. I couldn’t imagine it with the last one.

        It is true that you can’t be positive about everything and I forgot that Knott/Alexander got the same treatment.

        What did you think of the venue? This was the biggest amount of guest wrestlers you’ve seen as well isn’t it? Did it change the dynamic much? I’m sorry I ask so many questions.

        1. Nope didn’t run out of time as I said I’m trying to be a little bit good. Dude you do not need to tell me we need photos of Eddie Ryan in a blog I worked that out months ago.

          It was alright. You’re asking the wrong person for that kind of information.

          Not really. For me it was different because I was asked 100 questions about who they were by the people I brought with me but it wasn’t much different. All the guys at the show are a match for just about anyone they could bring in. Come on I praise all these guys all the time I’m not changing my tune now!

          Keep them coming. I love questions!

  2. You never said Kenny Omega was at the event. I hate you. I’m not surprised his match was the best of the night.

    I’m surprised in a happy good way that Fiona went and enjoyed herself.

    Thank you for the cape updates. Keep me posted on the swish ability of Simbas cape. Just send him a long boring message about capeography I’m sure he’d love to tell you to piss off. You just prefer Tigers cape because it’s black.

    When is the Plymouth show?

    1. You never asked who was at the event. I don’t know if you have noticed but it ain’t like I preview any thing on here.

      Yeah ok. This was a one off. Not doing it again. Seriously man Scotty Essexs jacket was a sight to behold, he was like a little pink jedi walking down to the ring. Tigers cape was amazing. I can’t help if my favourite has limp cape action….

      Next week.

      1. Who is at the Plymouth show then?

        Limp cape action. Poor Eddie Ryan. I can’t say his name without going “E-d-e” or just thinking about Eddie Hitler in general. Is he funny? At least say he’s a funny Eddie?

        Why didn’t you film the pose off?

        A real question about the show. Of all the guys you’ve seen more then once who would you say was the best? Who is the most entertaining? Which of them do you look most forward too most? That’s out of the guys on this show who you’ve seen more then once.

        Plus do you get more excited going to these shows with the special guests then the PWA shows?

        1. Well it’s Billy Gunn vs Big Grizzly for the championship. Tiger vs Tajiri vs Essex for the Catch Division Championship. Rockstar Spud and Robbie E are both there too.

          Pass, I have nothing to say about his sense of humour as I know nothing about him though I did nearly die of happiness when I saw he was a fan of Bottom. It makes me happy finding out other people other then me you and Leigha like it!

          I couldn’t put down one guy as the best. Ultimo Tiger, Grizzly, UK Dominator, Ryan and Essex probably stand out the most from this event that I’ve seen more then once. Most entertaining is probably Essex who is bloody amazing in ring and a great character though in ring entertainment probably comes down to Ryan and Tiger I just love watching them wrestle they are really brilliant (I am sending one of the DVDS I brought to you so you’ll see what I mean! )

          I look forward most to Tiger and Essex. Don’t even have to think about it. Of course as a fan I look forward to seeing Eddie Ryan too but he tends to be in the big six-min matches which i love but I don’t get as excited as I do for singles matches or normal tag matches. That being said I’ll buy a ticket to any show that has Tiger, Essex or Ryan in it as I know it’ll be a good show.

          Nope I love the local guys enough to get excited no matter what. I’m not a fan of any of the guys that came this time.. well I like Robbie E but I’m not sure I had registered he was there! I am slow. I went as you know as you gave me the money to see Eddie and Saime tag together with Tatanka against the UK Dominator and cronies! I’ll go regardless as long as I can afford it.

  3. My friend is having problems with the share button. I don’t have Facebook so can you check it out on yours (open question to anyone but I know Anna is online and will get notified of the comment so mainly her.)

    I’m thinking of going to the Plymouth show. What matches have they got?

  4. I have a question! Are you going to finish loading photos onto Instagram from the event? It isn’t too long till the next one (only a few days away!) yet you’ve only posted photos from the first match. Get a grip and get them up!

    1. Funny story. I was loading the last one in the Instagram stream when a giant fucking spider ran across my chest. I totally freaked out and started to cry and stopped posting photos. Its the spiders fault!

      *Ahem* why do the wrestling posts always end up in me making a ass of myself by posting stupid shit about myself? I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.

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