365 Challenge : Dearly Departed

(NOTE : No one has died. Just in case at any point this is unclear. It is just a challenge. Its why its under the cut. Because we worry about our readers sometimes.)

Amanda Dixon died at 23:07.

She was a friend to all who knew her, enthusiastic in all that she did and fiercely loyal to those close to her. When she put her mind to it Amanda could do just about anything.

She had so much more to give to the world, so much more to achieve.

Living every day to the fullest she was a bright spark in the community, always a nice word to say to everyone and always on hand if needed.

Amanda lead a selfless life which meant many of her dreams and ambitions went on the back burner as she faced the reality of life with her partner.

Her enthusiasm, kindness and generosity will be missed.


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