Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions

It is that time again to put down in a blog what I personally think will happen at a PPV. I’m not that bad at it but nowhere near as good as Anna and Alexx seem to be at it.

So here are my 2016 Royal Rumble predictions.


The match is the Kick-off show match and makes me wonder why the hell they even bothered? What odd match ups with Young and Sandow and Henry and Swagger in teams. Possibly the perfect proof of just how injured the roster is right now.

I have no real care about this match but personally think that it would be stupid to have anyone but the Dudleys or Ascension winning.

So. I’ll go with the Ascension.

PREDICTION : The Ascension

There is no point having a young and promising tag team being beaten by two random match ups and the Dudley’s. There were rumors that they might split the Dudleys and bring in Bully Ray and having them lose would be a good starting point. I’m pretty sure it’ll be the Dudley’s that win but I’m hoping WWE do the right thing and let the young team get over.

Tag Team Championship Match

The moment Jey came back from his injury it was obvious that we were going to get these guys in a match.

New Day have been a little busy with Chris Jericho recently so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jericho get involved. With the Usos getting voted Tag Team of the year even though the two of them were out for the majority of the year it seems obvious that them getting a title shot will probably go their way.

Its been a good run from New Day as champions but I see other places they need to go and more then anything they are always great CHASING the champions.


I don’t want the Usos to win but the tag team division will be much more stale if they didn’t change it up. As I said I see Jericho getting involved and I think it’ll be a good match but I see The Usos walking out with the belts.

Divas Championship Match

I’m looking forward to the match. I’m kinda hoping Ric will stop following Charlotte down to the ring after this but I’m also kind of hoping she’ll lose the belt too. For no real reason other then what would you do with Becky after she loses? The Divas are back to being no big deal and it would be a shame for her to disappear but it would be so disrespectful to every other Diva if she carried on being the number one contender.

Personally I think Charlotte is going to be champion up until Wrestlemania so my prediction will be the same all the way till then.

PREDICTION : Charlotte

They’ve made me have to rethink that and I hope that Becky does lose cleanly and not to Charlotte cheating but I honestly think Charlotte is the woman they want to run the Divas division and with that in mind I don’t think she’ll have a short first run and I think she’ll be the champion going into Wrestlemania.

United States Championship Match

Well it was stupid to have Del Rio lose the belt just to have Kalisto lost the belt on SmackDown and its even more stupid to then have a match against them at the Rumble.

You’d like to think they’d keep at least one belt on the League guys but they also haven’t really done anything with Del Rio’s run and most of the time he might as well not have a belt anyway so maybe its for the best to have it leave Del Rio.

Is Kalisto the person you want it on? Probably not. It makes the outcome of this match interesting.

PREDICTION : Alberto Del Rio

I don’t know I’m going against my gut. I don’t think they’d have any real reason to give the belt to Kalisto though I’m kind of thinking they will just to get it away from the League of Nations. I don’t know.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Last man Standing

This is my favorite story at the moment and I can’t wait for the carnage that follows.

I’m really torn over who I want to win though. On one hand it isn’t like Ambrose has held the belt long and they’ve done more with him vs Owens then they did with Owens having the belt the whole time. The other hand though I kind of want Ambrose to be beaten in a Last Man Standing match. I DON’T want Owens to be beaten in that match. I want Owens to be the big untouchable guy that will just beat the hell outta anyone.

Its hard to predict.


I can’t see either of them losing in this kind of match which is probably why I like the idea of it so much. On the other hand I think there hasn’t been enough obvious “bros with belts” moments between Ambrose and Reigns so have a feeling Ambrose will win it. Kinda wanna be wrong about it though as Owens is just so entertaining.


I have no clue.

Guessing that AJ Style will appear, as will probably a few NXT guys. If Styles shows up I’d think Joe would show up and vice versa.

Creative will shove Roman Reigns beating the odds down our throats until we believe it. It gets boring week after week when he’s always winning. And no that isn’t me “dissing” Reigns or whatever its me frustrated that they’ve decided to go down one story with him then book it so that it is annoying. I’d much rather have him either getting beaten and coming back when it matters or else beating everyone and being talked about as a strong champion not poor Roman who always has the odds stacked against him.

I think he’s going to win. I think its going to be the moment WWE want to show that he’s the MAN. Its going to be his shining moment.

IF NOT I think he’ll be in the last two and it’ll be booked like him losing the championship to Sheamus, so that the fans can cry for him. Just we won’t. Those who still dislike Roman or don’t want him as champion will be happy and his fans will be pissed off.

There are a few guys that I think could win it other then Reigns. The way they’ve had Wyatt recently makes me think it would be a great way to put the belt on him, they seem to always have him look weak as fuck in match recently so it wouldn’t need to be something like his win over Ryback on SmackDown and it would just make more sense. Jericho and the way he’s been going on is a good chance he’ll be there till near the end UNLESS he gets trapped with one or more members of New Day or screwed New Day over earlier. Lesnar is a obvious choice too.

I just think WWE is too predictable and therefore.

PREDICTION : Roman Reigns

Honestly I don’t think we’ll see a change in title but I’m pretty happy if we do. I want to see them do something different with Reigns but I just don’t feel like its going to happen. Again not a bad thing against Reigns I think he’s done fantastic as a champion but I just get tired of the same old story for him. They need to do something different.

Royal Rumble is one PPV that I do like usually without any reason to do so. The Rumble match itself is always fun. I think its going to be a good PPV. Technically I shouldn’t be doing the predictions as I won’t be here but I’m sure Anna will let you know her own.

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