PPV Highlight : Royal Rumble 2015

So I’ve been saying I’ll do this kind of thing for ages and I thought the best place to start (and we do have some ready to go out later in the year too) would be reviewing the PPVs from last year that I didn’t last year because I wasn’t doing it at the time.

If there are any PPVs you want us to do in our PPV Highlight then just get in touch and let us know. For now though we look back on last years Royal Rumble.

Matches Quick Overlook :

New Day vs Tyson Kidd / Cesaro

New Age Outlaws vs The Ascension

Miz / Mizdow vs The Usos (c)
Winners : THE USOS

The Bella Twins vs Natalya / Paige

John Cena vs Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar

Royal Rumble

New Day vs Tyson Kidd / Cesaro
Tyson Kidd / Cesaro win by pin fall

Back when Cesaro wasn’t that popular yet the second he was tagged into the match the whole crowd broke into Cesaro chants. It was also a time before the magic of New Day was known. AND it was all 0n the Kick-off Show.

Already both teams were working very well together. New Day took control of the match with the speed of Kofi and strength of Big E, the commentators weren’t sure of how to take New Day and talked about how there was something hidden within them. In fact its funny now to listen to the commentators. No one was sure what New Day were yet JBL had not found the Power of Positivity as of yet.

He was right about how well Cesaro and Tyson had gelled and they used that to their advantage to stop New Day in their tracks. Miss the big swing into the drop kick.

The match was really good though and you could see from there that the Tag Team division was going to get busy.

The New Age Outlaws vs The Ascension
The Ascension wins by pin fall

The Ascension didn’t have it the way they wanted to have it. The Outlaws took it to the Ascension right from the out though it wasn’t long until the Ascension cornered Road Dogg and started to bring the match to their pace.

I never liked the idea of Ascension doing the them vs legendary tag teams stuff as it was never going to make them look good. On the one hand they have a good match against the Outlaws and lose or a good match and then beat a team of older stars. As good as the Outlaws still are it was never going to endear the Ascension much.

In the end it was a win for the Ascension after Billy Gunn got what probably should have been a hot tag from Road Dogg but which didn’t really do much other then have them lose.

They were a giant part of NXT and came up and should have been dominating against the Usos and the other tag teams around but instead they were in a match with a legendary tag team. It didn’t get much better for the Ascension.

The Miz / Mizdow vs The Usos
The Usos win by pin fall

Personally I loved Miz/Mizdow but at the same time it was the odddest thing you’d ever see. Mizdow copying every little thing that Miz did, well not everything. The fact that the whole Universe loved seeing Mizdow and booing Miz just showed how WWE dropped the ball on Sandow.

Because a lot of the match was played for laughs I didn’t really mind when the Usos were in control because I got to watch Mizdow be a moron on the outside of the ring.

The match was completely crazy. Of course it was basically  a two on one ON PURPOSE as Miz wouldn’t tag in Mizdow. Some really good moments from the Usos and a very near fall that nearly had the roof off when Mizdow planted Jey’s face into the mat just for it to go to a two count.

It then went pretty quiet and after a super kick to the face, a slam and a frog splash the Usos won to retain their belts.

The Bella Twins vs Natalya / Paige
The Bella Twins win by pin fall

You know I never realized just how tag team heavy the Royal Rumble was. So far every single match was a tag team match.

Great team work from both teams in the match. To be fair Paige and Natalya do make a good pairing as both use their strength to ground the opponents. The early part of the match was good but then there were too many quick tags between Nattie and Paige that were messy and lead to nothing. At one point Nattie tagged Paige in and then for a good minute or so kind of stumbled about the ring with Brie.

By the time they’d sorted it all out the fans were just bored and the commentators had completely given up pretending to care. Which was a shame because when the Bellas finally isolated Nattie the match once more got very interesting. Some great double team moments from the Bellas.

John Cena vs Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar (c)
Brock Lesnar wins by pin fall

It started off with Lesnar suplexing and beating the shit out of everything that moved. It didn’t matter who or what it was he just picked it up and threw it. Thing is with two opponents that didn’t last for long. When he was busy trying to put one of them out of action the other would jump in and take advantage of him being busy.

Lesnar was like a monster though. Dude got three AAs and a Curb Stomp right after each other and was still on his feet first afterwards. He was thrown through steal chairs, through a table and he was still able to stand up. Well he didn’t for a while after being put through a table, it looked like Rollins might just win the championship with him using J&J and the break in the Beast attacking.

It was a great match and I loved when Lesnar came back at the end and just destroyed them all.

Great match for the championship.

Royal Rumble

1. The Miz
2. R-Truth

So Miz gets a chance to go to Wrestlemania seeing he failed miserably at getting the tag team championship. The first minute see’s him up against the guy I’m sure will manage to come out on RAW next week thinking that its actually the Royal Rumble but miss the event itself.

It didn’t feel like long before number 3 came out and it was the first “surprise” entrant.

3. Bubba Ray Dudley

Course he came in and wiped the ring out. Apparently it was the first time he’d been in the Royal Rumble itself which surprised me a lot. Loved him doing the Wazzup with R-Truth. The best person for it. He even did a “Truth GET THE TABLES” with him which was pretty cool. It didn’t happen though but a 3D did happen to poor Miz. Who also got eliminated.

ELIMINATED : The Miz (Bubba Dudley)

4. Luke Harper

ELIMINATED : R-Truth (Bubba Dudley)

Whilst Harper was coming down to the ring Bubba eliminated R-Truth which gave us the unusual… At the time… Pairing of Harper vs Bubba. How hard these two were hitting each other was something to be seen though. Harper pretty much took Bubba’s head off with one of his big kicks just to get a big clothesline from Bubba right back.

5. Bray Wyatt

Not good news for Harper is that his former (not so former now) master came down. The look of confused hatred on Bubba’s face is nothing to the look of hatred he has to them now. It was a reunion of shorts between Harper and Wyatt but Bubba didn’t last long.

ELIMINATED : Bubba Ray Dudley (Bray Wyatt)

6. Curtis Axel / Erick Rowan

Curtis Axel says he was never eliminated from the 2015 Royal Rumble and that is because Rowan took him out before he even got there. In the ring therefore we had a minute of the former Wyatt Family ripping each other apart. All he managed to do was get Harper eliminated and kind of himself.

ELIMINATED : Erick Rowan / Curtis Axel (Bray Wyatt)
ELIMINATED : Luke Harper (Bray Wyatt)

7. The Boogeyman

The eater of worlds vs the eater of worms. Of course the Boogeyman wasn’t and was creepy. There was something about him that creeped me out a little bit, the foaming at the mouth and the eyes. At the same time though he wasn’t really creepy and he was in and out of the match so fast it wasn’t worth worrying about.

ELIMINATED : The Boogeyman (Bray Wyatt)

8. Sin Cara

In fast to take Wyatt off guard. It looked like he was going to manage to give a fight to Wyatt but he was thrown out just as fast.

ELIMINATED : Sin Cara (Bray Wyatt)

Wyatt told the world that it was his world and started singing “I’ve got the whole world in my hands” which was very Bray Wyatt.

9. Zack Ryder

Do I need to say anything? Ryder came out and started kicking butt but seconds later he was out. By this time you had to wonder if it really was going to be Wyatt’s year. The good thing was that he looked awesome doing it.

ELIMINATED : Zack Ryder (Bray Wyatt)

10. Daniel Bryan

Finally you just knew that Wyatt wasn’t going to be able to eliminate his opponent in seconds. It always sends chills down my spine seeing the whole crowd jumping up and down screaming YES when Bryan comes down to the ring.

11. Fandango

For the first time since Harper was eliminated there was more then two people in the ring at one time. By the time Fandango got down to the ring Wyatt was out in a corner so it ended up being Bryan vs Fandango. The slowing down means that a fourth man was able to join the ring gaining a little traction.

12. Tyson Kidd

Kidd was real impressive. Loved when he ducked under Bryan and drop kicked Fandango. A minute feels like nothing when it gets so crowded in there and before you knew it someone else was coming down.

13. Stardust

The best part of Stardust coming down was when he tried to eliminate Fandango, started to celebrate a little too early and nearly got eliminated by Stardust. Whilst all this was going on Kidd was in trouble and ended up eliminated by Daniel Bryan.

ELIMINATED : Tyson Kidd (Daniel Bryan)

At first it looked like Bryan might have eliminated himself before someone pointed out he’d actually gone through the middle rope which was much better. So now you had Wyatt and Bryan on the outside and another surprise entrant.

14. DDP

He slid into the stomps of Stardust though. Poor Stardust got himself a Diamond Cutter for his troubles and the Yoga jokes started. Everyone was getting Diamond Cutters, Fandango got one off the ropes, Wyatt got one. Everyone deserves a Diamond Cutter.

15. Rusev

DDP did not look impressed at Rusev coming down to the ring. He might not have looked impressed but Rusev had a impressive entrance eliminating two people the moment he walked in.

ELIMINATED : Fandango (Rusev)

Just when it looked like a clash of Wyatt and Rusev, Daniel Bryan came flying out of nowhere to unleash his kicking on them both. Sadly after saving himself from being thrown out of the ring by Rusev he gets a boot to the face from Wyatt to finally be eliminated. We were allowed to be sad as well which was nice.

ELIMINATED : Daniel Bryan (Bray Wyatt)

16. Goldust

Once more Stardust celebrated way too early. He thought he’d eliminated his big brother just to have a really sad looking bow and a slap from his brother for his trouble.

This was the time when the crowd got bored and started to cheer loudly for Daniel Bryan to return.

17. Kofi Kingston

Always love a bit of Kofi at the Rumble. It calmed down a little and returned to the normal of having a load of fights in corners and against the ring ropes. Lots of people struggling to throw one person over the top rope and the like.

18. Adam Rose

Suddenly a whole group of people are at ringside which is good news for Kofi Kingston who gets thrown into the crowd who crowd surf him to the other side of the ring and saves him. Seconds later they DIDN’T save Adam Rose. JBL is right. They are a bunch of goofs. But FAST goofs.

ELIMINATED : Adam Rose (Rusev)

Not long after Kofi Kingston was himself eliminated.

ELIMINATED : Kofi Kingston (Rusev)

At this point you still had Wyatt and Rusev together in the ring and that was terrfying. I mean they were at 6 and 5 eliminations respectively and didn’t look to be stopping. In fact they looked like they had formed a team.

19. Roman Reigns

Reigns came down and started to clean house…

ELIMINATED : Goldust (Roman Reigns)
ELIMINATED : Stardust (Roman Reigns)

Roman was just the man you couldn’t keep down but he was also boo’d constantly, then again that isn’t saying much the fans just wanted Daniel Bryan back. After clearing the ring a little bit it became a true fight of the heavyweights.

20. Big E

There was no messing about by E who came straight down for a fight. It went back to being corner based with nearly every corner full with a powerhouse.

21. Mizdow

Well Mizdow comes down but the Miz tells him that he’s going to take his spot. Reigns stops him coming into the ring and Mizdow goes against his employer and got the biggest cheer since Daniel Bryan was eliminated. The fact after celebrating for a little too long he got eliminated just made the crowd more miserable but him copying Miz’s temper tantrum on the outside was worth it.

ELIMINATED : Mizdow (Rusev)

22. Jack Swagger

You’d like to say that Swagger came down and did something impressive but to be fair everyone was struggling to get on their feet by the time he came down anyway so in actual fact he just beat up already beaten up people. It went quiet enough that we got to hear all about Jake the Snake Roberts from the commentators.

23. Ryback

Again it isn’t really that impressive to come down and beat up a load of people hardly able to stand in the first place. Though the quietened down action made me appreciate (not the CM Punk chant) that Rusev is in the match without shoes on. I know he doesn’t do it anymore but that is kinda cool.

24. Kane

So Kane needs two eliminations to have the all time most eliminations record. I feel like we’ve been told this means that he’ll be getting those two. Even though this is a highlight I can’t honestly remember if he did, I think he did because I’m sure he’s in the montage for this years Royal Rumble. Then again he comes down and nothing really happens for a whole minute.

25. Dean Ambrose

With Ambrose in the ring nothing is ever going to be the same though.  It just becomes a crazy mess of bodies.

26. Titus O’Neil

Well things had slowed down hell of a lot and then O’Neil comes in and gets eliminated straight away which did nothing to change the Rumble slump.

ELIMINATED : Titus O’Neil (Roman Reigns / Dean Ambrose)

Lots of individual fights all over the ring. Ambrose hasn’t really done the smart thing getting Bray tied up in the ropes.

27. Bad News Barrett

We got told a good five or six times by a excited JBL that 27 has had the most winners at 4 but the second Barrett came down we knew it wasn’t going to be his night. It will never be Barrett’s night. In one corner there was a strange picture of Jack Swagger being held up via his legs over Rusev’s shoulders… It was a strange picture and I’m happy we didn’t have to see it for long. More bodies in the ring then we’ve had all night.

28. Cesaro

I’m sure that is a change of trunks on Cesaro’s part from earlier tonight but he brings in a lot of energy which everyone was lacking and Barrett doesn’t usually bring with him at the best of times.

It had felt like  a long time coming but suddenly we had another Elimination.

ELIMINATED : Big E (Rusev)

29. Big Show

You know that the ring is too full when Show gets sent down. EVERYONE tried to eliminate the Big Show all at once but it didn’t work and suddenly him and Kane were clearing house. Both of them eliminated Ryback…

ELIMINATED : Ryback (Big Show / Kane)
ELIMINATED : Jack Swagger (Big Show)

More chokeslams and the two scary giants are standing tall. Whilst they worked on taking the flesh off of Cesaro’s chest our last man comes out…

30. Dolph Ziggler

And he nearly ran straight into a chokeslam. He did manage to eliminate Barrett before getting a big Swing from Cesaro.

ELIMINATED : Bad News Barrett (Dolph Ziggler)

So many people dead in corners. Ziggler and Cesaro end up fighting on the apron after both went over the top rope. Ziggler superkicked Cesaro to eliminate him.

ELIMINATED : Cesaro (Dolph Ziggler)

Smartly got back into the ring to be nearly eliminated and then jump into the KO punch from Big Show. Show and Kane just pick up Zigglers prone body and dump it outside.

ELIMINATED : Dolph Ziggler (Big Show / Kane)
ELIMINATED : Bray Wyatt (Big Show)

So its down to Kane/Show vs Reigns/Ambrose. After a valiant effort the two giants were too much for Ambrose and Reigns. You had to feel very sorry for Reigns to be left to be beaten up by Show and Kane.

ELIMINATED : Dean Ambrose (Big Show / Kane)

The crowd angrily let the whole world knew that the last three people in the ring were not the people they wanted to see. And just as things looked bleak for Reigns Show and Kane turned on each other giving Reigns the chance to eliminate both of them.

ELIMINATED : Big Show (Roman Reigns)
ELIMINATED : Kane (Roman Reigns)

As he got his ass handed to him by the Big Show and Kane The Rock came down to save his butt and then suddenly we all remembered what the crowd knew. Rusev had just disappeared he was actually still in the Rumble…

Until he wasn’t.

ELIMINATED : Rusev (Roman Reigns)

Winner : Roman Reigns

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