365 Challenge : Ready, Set, Go

Today’s challenge is just to write for 10 minutes straight so I’m going to write a short story based on a “I Dare you to Write” post from Tumblr (http://idareyoutowrite.tumblr.com/post/120156213122) and yes this whole blurb was part of the 10 minutes.

She looked at the trophies in the draw. Bits and pieces that wouldn’t really be noticed after she’d left the houses. Nothing that held any value to anyone but maybe to the victim. A book, some cheap looking bracelet, a piece of string that had been on the side in a kitchen. All useless, nothing that could be identified as being from someone else.

It brought a smile to her face remembering each victim and how she killed them.

She didn’t have a MO, she’d learnt long ago from reading up on other serial killers that doing the same thing gets you caught. Every death had been different, every person was a complete random. She’d never killed anyone in her own home town always traveling to do the deed.

Sometimes it was too easy. She had been brought up to know that her face was one that people just liked. They just wanted to talk to her, be friends with her but that was it. She wasn’t pretty and was overweight but the second she struck up a conversation it was like the person had known her for years.

That was why she’d started.

People just loved to tell her everything. Give them a few drinks or a week or two and they’ll tell her everything about their life. Their sins were the things she loved to hear about and it was so easy to get people to confess to them. The moment she found someone with a big enough sin she’d decide the best way to kill them. One or two had been strangled in different ways. One had been beheaded. Every single one of them had paid the price.

Traveling wasn’t something she liked to do but at the same time it was just a necessity when she was bored. Her job was easy enough to get time off and paid well enough too. She’d already picked her new location, once more outside of the UK itself. She’d go, get the deed done and be out of there before anyone even knew there was a dead body. She’d been learning French just to for this occasion.

From time to time it took a while to find someone right. Some people just lead boring lives and wanted to confess simple things like masturbating over their sisters boyfriend or something stupid like that. She wasn’t going to kill someone for something silly. Its when they admitted to breaking hearts, to hurting others, to doing things that were “excusable” in this day and age because the people they hurt should just toughen up. Those were the people that she punished because no one else would.

Again this meant that no one could identify a type. You’d never know there was a link to all these random murders, as far as the world knew they were just random deaths in random places to random people who ohhh soo didn’t deserve it.

She shut the drawer and opened the one under it, the one where she kept her passports and IDs. These were by far the easiest things to lose when she needed to lose them so she didn’t mind having them so close to the

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