SmackDown 1/21/16 Review

I did start to live blog this before being distracted and not watching the end so have had to re-watch it and am now ready to review it.

Matches Quick Overlook :

New Day vs The Usos / Dolph Ziggler

Becky Lynch vs Alicia Fox

Ryback vs Bray Wyatt

Stardust vs Titus O’Neil

Roman Reigns vs The League of Nations

Chris Jericho

Jericho is now very happily on SmackDown too. Gotta love the fact that Jericho just comes back, throws his name into the rumble match and suddenly wants the world to know that he’s one of the odds on favorites.

New Day came out to a wall of boos, there wasn’t even New Day Suck chants just boos. They have come to give Jericho a second chance for killing Francesca. Unfortunately all New Day got was a lesson in Unicorns and being renamed. Rooty, Tooty and Booty.

New Day vs The Usos / Dolph Ziggler
The Usos / Dolph Ziggler wins by pin fall

New Day didn’t have any luck in the early moments of the match. Jimmy, Jey and Ziggler worked well together in their matching face paint and all. Jimmy and Jey eventually kept Xavier after a tag from Kofi grounded in their corner until Xavier managed to get to his corner and have Big E tag himself in.

Instant difference maker. His body splash is possibly the most amazing body splash in the world. After that we get Ziggler isolated in New Days corner and a lot of fast tags and fast attempts at the pin. Really loved the drop kick from Ziggler that got him the tag. Just before the break Big E hip tossed whichever Uso it was and we come back to Big E being in charge of the match.

Nearer the end it all went a little crazy, I guess you could say Uso Crazy, but it gave us a three man Super Kick which just looked awesome even if it meant that New Day lost.

Becky Lynch vs Alicia Fox
Becky Lynch wins by submission

I have to say done up the way she was in the match Alicia Fox looked like something straight out of Mortal Kombat. If ever there is going to be another film she’d be brilliant in it.

The commentary of the Flairs was pretty interesting yet as always there was no real asking of real questions though it was nice to see Ric put over the whole Diva division. He bigged up Charlotte big time but he didn’t do it at the expense of other Divas.

To be honest the match wasn’t that great but it was better then some of the stuff that Alicia and Brie have had to do recently and at least slightly longer. Becky once more was very impressive and it built her momentum going into her championship match on the weekend. Nothing to really write home about though.


The second Ambrose came down and interupted Miz acting like the Miz had finished his boring long introduction then ignored Miz to just talk about Last Man Standing matches you knew we had the old Dean Ambrose back. For too long at the end of last year did they try to make him too unpredictable and too serious. Just because something Ambrose does is funny doesn’t mean the fans don’t take him seriously as he’s more interesting that he’s funny yet will then kill you.

MizTV is always a highlight for me. Dean Ambrose has obviously been told about Kevin Owens really being a giant bear but most importantly it made both him and Owens look good going into the Last Man Standing match on Sunday.

Ryback vs Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt wins by pin fall

What a stupid way to book Wyatt?

He was destroyed by the ever boring Ryback. With all the building for Bray to make him look strong enough to walk out of the Rumble as champion they made him look weak as fucking hell against Ryback. Yeah OK Ryback still seems to be popular when he comes out but it goes against everything the WWE have been trying to do with Wyatt going into the Royal Rumble.

I don’t get this whole thing about Wyatt having to look weak. Bray ain’t a bad wrestler and he deserves more trust in him and his abilities. Up until this match I was really interested in the Rumble because I wasn’t sure that we could trust that Roman would leave with the belt but who wants someone who had to cheat to beat Ryback as champion?

Stardust vs Titus O’Neil
Titus O’Neil wins by pin fall

You know what the couple backstage bits they did together were hilarious and I kinda wanna see more of that. The first match was inevitable, the second match understandable but after having a eight-man tag match on RAW and ANOTHER match on SmackDown it just seems like we’ve seen it all before.

Titus once more looked like he was just going to kill Stardust but Stardust took him outside and used the barriers and posts to ground the big man. It doesn’t take long or Titus to get back in charge though with some big clothlines, big kicks to the face and just basically kicking ass in general.

It once more ended with a Clash of the Titus and another win for O’Neil who would actually be a great person to push right now.

Kalisto / League of Nations

Now he’s a dude that is slowly getting better and better though I prefer the name Kalisto to David. When we were in a bit of a mess with the tag team guys I felt like the Lucha Dragons didn’t have the mic skills to really be champions but Kalisto is getting there.

The League of Nations are just bullies. Picking on someone smaller then them. In fact to the point that they were just pushing him into each other. I mean they are one of the tallest stables around and Kalisto looked like a kid up against adults.

Sometimes I wonder why creative don’t actually look at what they are doing. League of Nations don’t need to be doing shit like that.

Roman Reigns

He was actually quite funny. Thing is I still think Reigns needs to be more the brooding silent type. Gotta give the guy credit though he has stepped up to lead the show with the top guys gone. I mean to be fair he was always the number one on SmackDown anyway but he’s really setting down his Empire. Creative just need to keep giving him short and sweet segments and giving him people like Jericho to work off of. Some really good feuds they could go into after the Royal Rumble with Reigns that could work to his strengths.

Roman Reigns vs League of Nations
Roman Reigns wins by DQ

It was always going to end up being Roman Reigns getting beat up and fighting back before the League get impatient and all jump in on him.

Reigns looked strong coming out of it but again at the expense of all the League of Nation members who once more even though they are all top guys, extremely big and talented are made to look like they can’t handle Roman Reigns. I know this is the story we’re getting and its a obvious story to keep Reigns momentum going as fans tend to turn on him quickly for no real reason but personally I think making him much stronger would work if they didn’t make him a Superman character. Have him on the back foot against the League to over come him.

The problem is the story is always Reigns overcoming some great odds to be the best. That story doesn’t work when Reigns is constantly over coming these odds EVERY SINGLE SHOW. Yeah he ended up being beat down by League to result in a DQ, but then with the help of the Usos he cleared the ring of the League, to nearly clear the ring of the Wyatts (Bray has just the same problem with his booking) before being overcome.

That would work if it wasn’t laughable because Bray was nearly beaten by Ryback earlier in the night so no one believes he’s really got what it takes any more.

Final Thoughts : 

It would have worked, it so nearly worked, if it wasn’t for the fact that they reverted to type too much.

I don’t get why Bray Wyatt is always made to look so weak. I know its meant to be preaching and the like that brings people like Harper to him but I don’t believe they’d truly stay with someone who couldn’t win ANY fights without them. Sometimes I feel they just don’t trust the Wyatts enough which is silly because they are great. Bray’s match should have been over cleanly and quick to show the power that Wyatt is harnessing.

The rest was OK but nothing special. Some great matches but it felt weak leading into a PPV. They tried to pull the star power of Jericho one more time but even that in the end didn’t really have much of a point to it, other then we know that Jericho will be eliminated from the Rumble by one of the Magical Unicorns.

You kind of wanted something more dramatic to happen going into the PPV. Maybe not even having the Wyatts out until the end, then again once more it would have been doing the same old same that they did on RAW.

Not too bad though just weak leading into a PPV.

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