Dickensian : Episode 11

It doesn’t seem to ever get better for anyone in Dickensian but maybe for a change something better will happen for someone?

Yes. Yes things do go well for some people.

The Bumbles have been promoted, or at least thought of for the promotion.

Honoria agrees to marry Sir Leicester therefore her fathers debt is no longer a problem so her father is free and Frances is happy.

Then there is Bucket who is finally making head way in the affairs of Mr Marley.

Unfortunately the episode returned to its bitty feeling. A small bit of story here, another small bit there and some other story to finish us off. It wasn’t as bad as it could be but it made it feel like it was done in a matter of seconds. I never truly got any real traction going.

What I still don’t get is why have so many stories all at once in the first place? We did return to the question of Marley but that story has so far been pushed right back into the shadows. It probably should have been the major story line but instead its starting to fall under the radar. I can’t be the only person who just wants to know who the killer is because it’ll be a pain not to find out? I don’t actually care anymore about the story itself, if Bucket popped up in the next episode and just gave us a name and said here is your killer then I’d be happy.

Of course you all know my main concern is Amelia Havisham. I don’t for a moment think its going to get better for her as I know that her story does end in heart break but I can still kind of think it anyway. She didn’t get to do much other then to tell Honoria that she’s in love with Compeyson and to be dared to wear a red dress.

Sadly though the ill health of Tiny Tim is becoming a bit of a story in itself. It makes me wonder if we do have a second season if it’ll tackle the story of A Christmas Carol. It feels like its gearing up for that.

There was a lot of humour in this episode which is nice because it meant that we got a break from the heart ache of every single character.

It was a strange episode, though I’ve also had a strange day so it might have made it feel stranger. Still it was nice to see the Cratchit’s smile even with the bad news they seem to always have.

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