Prince of Stride : Galaxy – Now, Stars Who Shine

Episode 3

“GALAXY Ima,-boshi-tachi ga kagayakimasu” (GALAXY いま、星たちが輝く)

Already the anime is throwing the team into their first match which will be against Saisei, who just so happen to be a Idol band too.

Prince of Stride has interested me since the first episode but I have to admit I wasn’t too sure how I was going to enjoy actually watching races. Of all the different parts of this anime possibly the biggest part of it, the sports aspect, was what worried me the most.

This episode showed me that it can be as interesting and dramatic as any other genre of anime.

First up I was kind of worried they’d run out of time to fit the whole race in, but each leg of the race was timed perfectly, let both the runner from Honan and Saisei shine as both a member of their team and a personality in themselves and kept the drama of whether or not Honan could win alive right to the last second.

In fact I really had fun watching them race. I felt sorry for Ayumu who kind of got intimidated by the skill shown by Okumura Kaede. Don’t forget that Ayumu is only there really to help keep both his Shogi Club and the Stride Club alive. I have a feeling that he’s a good runner but not good at the showy off bits that you also have to do, but I have a feeling that he could be the one that grows into it as well.

I liked that we got to see different personalities from Saisei too. Kaede was obsessed with Kuga Kyousuke, I wonder how he’ll feel when he finds out that Kuga has left the Stride team? Tasuku seems to really dislike Heath, either that or he just dislikes everyone. He’ll give Fujiwara a run for his money as the grumpiest character in the anime. There is something strangely mysterious about Reiji and Shizuma but I like them both. My favourite member of their team though was Asuma who just came across as being the most normal of the bunch.

Their interactions with Honan are interesting then again they are the first team we’ve seen other then the Honan group so I don’t know what to really think of them.

I always knew that Honan would lose, it just didn’t feel right for them to win right off the bat but it was nice to see the margin wasn’t that big. It meant that they have a point to prove but they aren’t seen as laughing stocks.

What I’m actually amazed at to a degree is that there is a lot of mystery surrounding certain characters. Yagami and his brother, why Kuga left as well as just what is up with the attitude of some of Saisei’s group.

The episode timed the sports and character development well. It had some really funny moments and some really thought provoking moments. I also can’t wait to see the next race as I’d like to see Ayumu get stronger as well as seeing some impressive moves from our own team. I guess it was always going to show off Saisei more first seeing they are idols.

Where the team go from here is up to them though. It was a good loss if you could call any loss a good one.


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