One Piece : An Invitation to the Tea Party

Chapter 813

NOTE : Anna is really ill today so I’ve read her the chapter and she’s briefly told me what to write. I apologise if it seems pretty short and not as interesting as usual, its hard for her to think right now being in a lot of pain.

The mystery of Sanji’s life continues inside Bege this week as we learn how he came to be separated from his crew.

Last week we were shocked to hear that Sanji came from a important sounding family, one whose name sends shivers down Brooks spine, and that he is set to be married off to Big Mom’s 35th daughter.

It came as a shock to me and it also was a strange feeling of guilt that I hadn’t bothered to think more of Sanji’s past. This chapter makes that feeling even stronger by reminding me that we also once found out that he’s from North Blue but grew up in East Blue, something Nami reminds us of and also points out the fact that it would have meant at a young age Sanji crossed the red line.

What this does is bring a whole bunch of questions to the table.

How did Sanji end up on the first ship we see him on? Did he run away from home? Similar to what Sabo was doing? Did he get sold or just told to go? His dream is to see All Blue so it points more to him leaving on his own accord to make his dream a reality but is there a chance that his family put him on a boat? He is a third son after all. Even if he comes from a wealthy family by the time you get to the third son there isn’t much there. Like the Royals its the whole thing of the “heir and the spare” Sanji’s oldest brother will inherit whatever fortune his parents have, the businesses and so on whilst the second brother might also be looked upon favourably but the third son?

I guess it’ll be interesting to see who actually approached who for this wedding as the repercussions of a marriage between Sanji and Purin have been laid down for us. If he marries her then the Straw Hats will become joined through marriage to Big Mom and her Empire. Something Sanji announces will never happen and is possibly the reason why Nami and Brook seems certain no matter what the note says that Sanji will be unable to return if they don’t go after him to help him.

At first I thought it would be Big Mom, it seems the perfect plot and I’m guessing a Yonko is bound to know about influential families. Then again we were introduced to “Strange Gun” Whit from the Firetank Pirates who whispered something to Sanji and completely changed the game for him. His announcement that his death would piss someone off doesn’t make me feel like it would be out of love for him but because he possibly ran away from something his family wanted him to do.

Mystery after mystery.

Personally though I think I’m still just as interested learning about Bege as I am the mysteries surrounding Sanji.

Bege has gone from the “meh” member of the Worst Generation to one of the most interesting. His power has proven itself to be just as the others but it gives him the ability to do so much more at the same time. He isn’t just strong but he’s able to hide a whole army inside him, hide prisoners, even I guess if needs be torture someone inside him whilst fighting on the outside. The ability suits him perfectly and its nice to see him get some time to shine as well.

I said at the beginning that Anna was ill and she’s said that she’ll probably come back at some point in the next week and expand on everything she wants to.

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