Dickensian : Episode 10

Last week saw the lives of both the Barbary’s and Havisham’s change for the worst.

It doesn’t get much better for them this week.

With Edward in debtors prison one daughter has gotten on her high horse and cheerfully letting everyone know that she told them so whilst the other naively wanders around the streets looking for miracles and hand outs with her Captain.

You are probably meant to feel sorry for Honoria and the very obvious outcome of all this on her free will. To save her father she’ll have to give up the luckless Captain and turn to Sir Leicester. I don’t. Or I do and I don’t. I don’t think anyone should be forced to marry but at the same time neither her nor her father would listen to Frances and both went on their merry ways and stuck their head in the sand. Her naive ways have made it even worse for the family as trying to beg Scrooge to find it in his heart to forgive her father has just made him send the bailiffs on them. If they had taken things a little more seriously they might have at least been more prepared.

Frances might be bitter but she was the only one in the family burdening herself with the troubles they were in. Even now her father is just fighting in the prison whilst Honoria wanders around getting upset.

She wants to be happy she isn’t her good friend Amelia though.

It has gotten too far for her as she has fallen hook line and sinker for Compeyson who tightens his hooks into her this week by sending Honoria away, making her feel bad for seeking help from Amelia and then making Amelia believe Honoria is too proud to ask for help.

His truly horrid side comes out again after Arthur, drunk after selling his things to pay Compeyson more, pretty much lets slip the plan to Amelia. Unfortunately he is too drunk for her to really figure out what he is saying and as he says it in such a horrid way then his words come across as just being mean. Arthur pays for this moment at the end of the episode being whipped with a belt by Compeyson.

Truly it is too late for both families.

Elsewhere though everything is looking up for the Bumbles who finally have their dinner and make their needs noted. Everything about the dinner was hilarious though I’m not sure what the point of it is other then to be funny. Similarly Mrs Gamp and Fanny Biggetywitch are back together and have decided that for the £5 reward they’ll make sure they finger the murderer of Marley. Mrs Gamp and Silas also have a moment in the bar where she lets slip that Tiny Tim is ill.

Again I really thought the episode was done really well. There wasn’t too many stories going on which gave the main ones a chance to breath.

I still can’t believe in this Tuppence Middleton plays the most sweetest of characters and in War and Peace she plays basically the same kind of fiend as Compeyson is in this. Such a wonderful actress.

The next episode is tomorrow night and I kind of hope there is a little more on the mystery of what happened to Marley!


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