Assassination Classroom : Itona Horibe Time

Episode 3

“Horibe Itona no Jikan” (堀部イトナの時間)

Itona and Shiro are back with a new plan but can they assassinate Koro-Sensei or will Koro-Sensei and 3-E be able to save Itona.

If I’m honest the fight didn’t last long, Koro-Sensei used the energy blast to destroy the netting and beat Itona.

The episode really wasn’t about the fight or fighting it was about Itona and to show the strength of the class itself.

We learn all we need to know about Itona but also a little bit behind the tentacles. They feed off of Itona’s need to be strong and to win, this need comes from his past. His family owned a mobile phone spare part factory but went bankrupt and his mum and dad left him. The negative feelings he had was what kept the tentacles going and with the constant losses to Koro-Sensei they started to eat away at him. Shiro leaves him for dead the second he loses to Koro-Sensei but being a student of his Koro-Sensei refuses to turn his back on Itona.

It isn’t Koro-Sensei that saves him though.

And this is where the we learn just how far his class has come with him.

Terasaka of all people takes it upon himself to help Itona. Him and his gang take them to their parents business, a Ramen shop and a Motorcycle store as well as trying to get him to read and other such things. Its Terasaka that finally gets through to Itona after he flips out by pointing out that he doesn’t have to win today or tomorrow, all they have to do is kill Koro-Sensei once before March and they win.

Its nice that it was that group that helped Itona. They are the bullies and the dumb ones but its good to see them grow. It doesn’t feel like that long ago that Terasaka was being used by Shiro himself as he felt like he was lost in the world and here he is now teaching someone not to be so hard on themselves.

The thing is that Koro-Sensei has a profound effect on everyone in the anime and its nice to see it stretch to every single student.

Now Itona is part of the group and you can only hope that what has worked for the rest will work for him.

Its good to finally have him as part of the group. Even better that he now hangs with Terasaka and co.

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