HaruChika : Haruta to Chika wa Seishun Suru : Withdrawal Game

Episode 3

“Taishutsu Gēmu” (退出ゲーム)

This episode see’s the Brass Band Club clash with the Drama Club. Lets hope its easier to get through the episode two.

You know I had high hopes with the series. I kind of hoped that Chika would balance out how annoying Haruta is but I’m starting to think she’s only there to be picked on.

I didn’t mind him too much when there was a proper mystery to be solved but him poking his nose into other peoples business is really starting to annoy me. We haven’t really had anything interesting happen to the other members of the band but already we’ve grown in size since the last episode and now we have yet another sad case to solve to pretty much force someone else to join the club.

There is a lot that I love about the anime. Just about every other character is wonderful and the stories themselves are heartbreaking but sweet in their own ways. Maren being adopted because of the one child policy in China and therefore never knowing his younger brother and always wondering if he’d been abandoned was sweet but again you kind of wanted other people, people with actual human emotions, to be pushing it in a kind way. Instead again someone’s emotions are played around with by Haruta like its some kind of game.

That being said I liked the Exit game and thought it was pretty cool up until the end part. Haruta was too over the top and again the episode felt much more like his monologue then anything else but it wasn’t as bad. I guess the happy news that Maren hadn’t been abandoned and it was obvious that his parents love him and his adopted parents love him made it a little easier to swallow then Miyoko’s story.

I would prefer more time together with the other band members and some silly scenes like when Chika asks for one-on-one lessons with Kusakabe but Haruta cock blocks her. It looks like we might get something more akin to that next time out but I’m a little sad that the band is growing actually quite fast and yet we don’t really see the people who were in the band to begin with. I’d like to know more about their lives, not Haruta’s or even Chikas but the other guys.

Kusakabe, in my opinion, is a terrible teacher. He never really stands up and points out the biggest weakness in Haruta’s armour, which is that he’s just a stone cold bastard with no human feelings, but lets him sneer down on others.

I get the feeling though that I’m meant to be OK with that because it all turns out OK in the end.

Having been on the side of people like Chika, Miyoko and Maren against someone like Haruta in real life and having him get away with the attitude because he was a great pianist and I was a half not bad gutarist was painful. I don’t find anything about him endearing because it hits too close to home.

I just want him knocked back a little bit. Just once. It doesn’t even have to be painful.

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